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cop17 (By InvestoR )

The user has deleted this system.

cop17 Discussion

Александр (alivemax)
Sep 11 2014 at 07:02
4 posts
Вы продаете советника?

Sep 27 2014 at 07:22
1 posts
It is amazing ! Do this for sale? how to get it ?

Sep 27 2014 at 18:53
1 posts
greetings, am interested in your system. please tell if you can sell signal or sell the robot .I might buy the signal if you're logged into MQL5,, possibly or from here myfxbook.
Thanks, expect response and suggestion.
Zaverjinschi Vasile Sebastian

Phone : +4915258455607
Email :
Skype : sebastian060874

Sep 30 2014 at 14:13
1 posts
I want to buy this EA

DD (ddr555)
Oct 04 2014 at 08:26
176 posts

How can I get this EA? I want to buy your EA. Please send EA with its preset file which is exactly used for this account. Please send me by e-mail on
Skype: dhiraj-radadiya
Telephone 0091-9824168257
Best Regards,

Be Vegan, Make Peace
sirius1fx (sirius1fx)
Oct 14 2014 at 06:56
348 posts
Can you set a custom start date after the crash please so we can see newer results only?

if you follow the flock like sheep you always end up stepping in shit!
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