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CovertFx (By keltnerpro )

Gain : +734.5%
Drawdown 54.55%
Pips: 22216.1
Trades 2024
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

CovertFx Discussion

Aug 31 2016 at 10:31
239 posts
is this the same breakoutstrategy like keltnerpro?
Aug 31 2016 at 14:04
49 posts
There's more than one way to make a breakout system. It is similar, but I've rebuilt it, changed the strategy, and have designed it to work on many more pairs, including gold.
Sep 01 2016 at 22:26
167 posts
Trading privileges not verified/
Sep 15 2016 at 06:43
4 posts
Look like a good system, anyone are following this?
Nov 01 2016 at 07:31
1 posts
Sent an email to get refund 4 days ago, still waiting for reply....

Understand people can be busy at times, so will wait another week to make a judgement and will update everyone else if their refund policy is really working...
Nov 01 2016 at 16:47
49 posts
We respond to all e-mails promptly if you didn't get a response, the issue is on your end, perhaps it went to spam folder.
Nov 01 2016 at 16:48
49 posts
In addition everyone knows we honor our refund policy it's fact.
Nov 24 2016 at 16:39
132 posts
I agree when I purchased keltner I got my refund w/o any issue
Jan 05 2017 at 14:49
134 posts
I am wondering how much this products costs? I have so far refused to put my email in the vendors front page since I find that such a violation of privacy. I don't want to be back on the spam lists for every crap product. I don't know who comes up with this offensive marketing but I count myself as one possible customer who turns away when the first thing I see is an email input field.
Be afraid, very afraid?
Jan 05 2017 at 17:00
49 posts
I'm sorry you feel that way Rick, but not all vendors are like that. Maybe the shadier ones are, but when you provide your email on my website, you can opt out anytime and you do not get re-added to another list, you are removed permanently. CovertFX is $347
Ben (Kibby)
Jan 09 2017 at 08:10
5 posts
I haven't purchased keltner or covertfx yet but I'm interested in them both. Would you say one is better than the other?
Jan 09 2017 at 16:37
49 posts
Hi Ben,

It really depends on where your interests lie.

CovertFx trades on 10 pairs where as KeltnerPro trades on less.

KeltnerPro has shown profitable results for about 2 and half years now.

You will see a lot more trades on CovertFx.

Both work well, but it's really a matter of what interests you.

Jared Rybeck
SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Jan 16 2017 at 08:14
60 posts
Hi Jared,

Will this EA handle weekend gap? For the GbpJpy, it seems false signals for the buy. Can I suggest this EA to stop trading itself when market open for few hours after weekend? Just my opinion.

Jan 16 2017 at 15:52
49 posts
Yes it handles weekend gaps fine. It won't trade.
FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jan 17 2017 at 07:54
1608 posts
keltnerpro posted:
Yes it handles weekend gaps fine. It won't trade.

I guess as well as the last 7 months... See below screenshot...


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SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Jan 17 2017 at 08:03
60 posts
Hi, If it is breakout strategy, it should be go for SELL for the GbpJpy isn't it? ;)
Tones (alstoner87)
Feb 09 2017 at 09:23
4 posts
Can you confirm if this account is using all the pairs and settings from the manual? My trades exactly mirror this account and i've had a few losses on NZDUSD recently which haven't shown on your account.
Feb 09 2017 at 09:58
15 posts
Feb 22 2017 at 12:41
44 posts

on your official covert account did it start with the latest settings on nov 10 2016 ??

meaning prior to that date were different settings used.
sure a remarkable feat starting with 5k and gaining 6 times initial deposit within less then a year.

i am just curious whats different starting nov 10 2016 onwards.

thx much and green pips to you.
Sep 20 2017 at 15:53
3 posts
If you had bought in Dec 2016 you'd have lost money. Not worth the year(s) of waiting for a profit and the uncertainty for USD 347
If this way 150 bucks or something I might take a punt on a small account and set and forget hoping for a move similar to when the stats started.
Money Never Sleeps
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