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Crazy flappy bird from Vietnam (By vinabao )

The user has deleted this system.

Crazy flappy bird from Vietnam Discussion

rockyhoangdn (rockyhoangdn)
May 10 2014 at 07:33
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May 10 2014 at 14:38
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Thanks for contacting us .
We only have MAM account for people with capital of $50 k and up .
You can have own MT4 & broker if don't want to join our MAM account . (fees can be wire to our bank or through paypal at the end of the month base on profit we make .No profit no fees ) .
Maximum all accounts we can handle is $10 million dollars .
The fee is 50 % profit . You should make >=100% annually return after all fees .
Regards .

May 30 2014 at 21:30
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We decide to dump the zulu accounts because we want to focus on taking care our MAM accounts customers .
(Zulu accounts was deleted and no longer valid in the name of us ) .
However for small capital investors , We will try to lower the capital requirement down to $10 K in near future and may provide signal service .
Please contact us for any further question .
Regards .

Jul 04 2014 at 16:30
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Hello everybody .
Crazy bird just came back from Vacation for whole month of June .
We are back to business with the commitment of 50% a month as usual .
Fly with Crazy slappy bird from Viet nam .

Matt (BluePanther)
Jul 17 2014 at 04:56
1354 posts
So the things you learned from your father:

1 -Never lose your money .
2-The quickest way to make money is somehow get money from many people .
3-You can only make money from some thing you are good at ,and repeatedly as many times as you can .
4- You can only make money in trading by buy low sell high and sell high buy low .

My responses:

1. Impossible! Losses are inevitable when seeking profits:
'You pay for your education, either at university or in real life.'
'A winner knows when to take their losses and let their profits run.'
'The key to winning is to make more than you lose.'

2. I see you have considered ZuluTrade. How about or myfxbook AutoTrade? But you still fulfil this 'lesson' by trading forex ($4 trillion+ global market available 24/5)

3. Yes, you have achieved this with this account!

4. Incorrect. You can also make money by:
-'churning' (earning commission rebates, frowned upon by most brokers)
-carry trading (holding long-term positions to earn interest dividends)
-slippage/bad fills/price manipulation (for brokers)
-...and SELLING YOUR SIGNALS (ie. trade notifications or signal subscriptions)!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- have you considered or myfxbook AutoTrade to broadcast your signals? I would be interested in subscribing!

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