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The user has deleted this system. Jasmine Real $$$ Account Aggressive Discussion

Stephanus Rensburg (stephanusR)
Sep 26 2010 at 15:49
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At you claim a track record for Jasmine back to March 2009, but has only verified this account as having operated for two months. Your last update was 21 Sept, where is 22,23 and 24 Sept?

Please explain.

At you list nine real accounts but on you are only showing us three real accounts. How many real accounts do you have . What is the total return across all your accounts. These accounts are not your own personal money but those of investors, thus you incur no personal risk if some of these accounts goes belly up, you can always show potential investors the winning accounts. Which is imagine you show the Canadian tax authority only the losing accounts . Show us your audited tax return where you indicate what funds from your personal bank account you have risked and what was the return on equity across all 100 of these real accounts.

All these accounts are with VarengoldBankFX - but they are not registered in your personal name but in the names of clients, the accounts of which you are trading risk free to yourself. IF they blow it isn't your problem. also can't list any regulator that regulates them. Why do they have a .com domain if their parent company has a .de domain. What is their relationship, how are the accounts separated etc....

Oct 17 2010 at 19:52
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Dec 07 2010 at 15:42
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Hey Winsor - looking good. Been squizzing at EAs lately although it is a whole new world to me. At least you are not a fake.

CTSForex (winsor)
Dec 07 2010 at 18:03
303 posts
Hi Patience,

Thanks for the compliment. I am only targeting 35% yearly return; hence, my performance is sustainable. Any profit above 35% is a bonus not a requirement. Most of the EAs in the market is targeting 100% per month resulting in crash and burn.

Feb 19 2011 at 14:15
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Hey Winsor

how many times have you blown up an account and restarted with a new account ? 😉

Can you please prove that your EA does not blowup and prove me wrong by posting a backtest all the way back
to 1999?

every single account you have posted here through out the years have been deleted by you and restarted with a new one

hmmm, who cares, it's peoples money not your money! So just keep the blow up going 😉

Feb 19 2011 at 16:02
230 posts

fxSavvy posted: every single account you have posted here through out the years have been deleted by you and restarted with a new one

Nice first post (as I roll my eyes). Got any proof of these claims you are making? I didn't realise myfxbook had been going for as many years as you make it out to have been.

Amazing that you have been hanging out here for years observing all these blown accounts but you've never posted before. Why don't you post under your real username instead of creating another one. Are you a coward? I think I already know who you are anyway.

Feb 19 2011 at 23:09
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and are you just the same guy (Winsor) registered with multiple user names?
Winsor started posting his results on myfxbook since 2009, I was also one of his subscribers and saw how his UsdChf trading
system stinks.

of course I have no proof, Winsor has deleted every proof

just ask this kid to post his EA backtest and you'll get all the proof you want, I doubt he is a man enough to post
his backtest though

CTSForex (winsor)
Feb 20 2011 at 00:13
303 posts

I don't know what is your problems. The backtesting results are listed on my website for all readers to download. Look at the end of the page for Historical Backtesting.

Per the posting on my website - Our Beta software release ran from February 2009 to December 2009 with +13,968 pips profit. There were no changed made to the code for 10 months until the Greece debt crisis in January 2010. It affected our trading strategy results from Jan 2010 to May 2010. On May 21, 2010, we released our Production software to combat this issue. The new production software is back tested from October 21, 1999 to May 20, 2010.

Feb 20 2011 at 14:16
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uhhh ,,, how could I miss those ones

The thing is I have subscribed to your UsdChf system last year and the EA just kept buying on an over 800 pips fall on that pair

sure it uses a stoploss, but what does it do when a stoploss is hit? it buys again from a better price incase if the price moves further down, and if the price happens to correct right after the loss what happens? It buys at a worst price

I really cant see this style of trading coming from a profissional trader and I can't trust you winsor unless you post all your losses, and post back those accounts you have hidden/deleted.

Sure a backtest can be curve fitted or even worst 'faked' by programming the EA to disregard the losses (or a group of losses) and not count them during the backtest. I am not sure if the 'fake' backtest is the case here, but it seems suspect.

You have accounts going back to 2007, and when you sent me these accounts login they had absolutely nothing to do with the claimed profit on your website.

Bottom line is, I don't trust you Winsor, I think you are one of those dillusional fund seekers , scam artists.

Post those accounts please, one of them was on MIG broker I believe, i dare you to post them all

Join and Enjoy Thousands of Effort Free Pips
Jul 09 2011 at 03:44
87 posts
Are you born with super trading skills fxSavvy?

Even if your argument is true and he lost an account back in 2007, it is not a restriction to be made it as a super system developer at present or in the future..
Realized and analysed failures is the red carpet of success..Science and our civilization work like this..

He had demonstrated one of the best performances with nice following equity for many months and clear exits on realized stops losses.
His market advantage is clearly on let winners run longer..
He has made thousands of positive pips on constant lot sizing and growth performance is above his 40% yearly target.

You made non valid argument..and no proof what's so ever..

I believe that recent looses are due to over-leveraged performance shown, thus the serious dive. I would trade this system live only with less than half lots..

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