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Cyber FX - Auto Trader (By 4xrobot)

Gain : +265.21%
Drawdown 32.09%
Pips: 2702.3
Trades 292
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

Cyber FX - Auto Trader Discussion

Jun 17 2010 at 09:40
56 posts
Hi, i noticed this EA is not having best month in June, its down quite big. Anyhow, May I know which parameters have you been using in past. Also have u done any adjustments in parameters for this month of june. Because it does seem June it turning out to be its first losing month. Also Note, My issue with Calibre Pro is that sometime it opens up multiple orders within short period of time. I wish the maker comes out with a version that limits this and gives time breather for EA to decide before opening new positions otherwise, it can open dozen losers resulting in massive draw down which i have seen occur during backrest.

Would like to hear your comments on this matter, greatly appreciated for sharing results.

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Jun 23 2010 at 05:45
3 posts
this account has expired, please contact

May 22 2015 at 07:13
3 posts

We have to check accounts, as well as howled me information on how to buy EA


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