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Damiens Live (By Damien )

The user has deleted this system.

Damiens Live Discussion

Damien (Damien1881)
Jul 20 2015 at 05:07
24 posts
Hi, I'm looking for some feedback about my system without revealing any more than what's displayed here. I've done a lot of testing and the demo account that's also available for viewing, was my final test.
Made a couple of last tweaks and went live, sorry the history is still short- the reason I mentioned the demo:)
I eventually want to become an AFSL money manager to try and get back some of what I've lost over the years.
Of course as a manager I'd scale the risks down which in turn would lower the reward.
Just looking for some professional opinions on anything that stands out as a red flag in regards to what I'm doing, anything you think I really should consider to improve my value before continuing the journey to my longer term goals please?
Don't listen to and follow the BS online.
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