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DanFx (By setrox )

The user has deleted this system.

DanFx Discussion

May 30 2010 at 05:35
16 posts
If someone likes to grow some cash i can offer my service
for more information send a msg using Myfxbook

May 30 2010 at 10:10
6 posts
May 30 2010 at 11:10
16 posts
Alert! only for the guys who likes to get some easy cash.

We now offer the service to manage other people's money.
1 .- you deposited into my paypal account.
2 .- In the confirmation of payment, we deposit the money into a forex account. (The account is mine and zero balance)
3 .- We will work in the account and implement our work to do as best as possible.
4 .- When you want to withdraw a percentage of the profit.
You will Understand, that I take the 40% of the Withdraw and the 60% will send to you via paypal.
5 .- We commit to work the account trying to reach the 25% growth in the account each day. (At least).
6.- In this way i can work for ppl who likes to get easy cash.

I will offer this, for a short time.

I want to work first for 2 or 3 ppl only, remember only trust persons and with a stable cash.
The main goal is to work with big amount of cash. (the lower amount is 550 USD, also i will select to work with
the 3 betters amounts.

For more Information send me a Msg

P.D My english is not the best one.

Have fun and good luck in your trades.


SolarFX (forexma)
May 30 2010 at 17:48
1332 posts
I cannot argue about the system's results but ...... to transfer my money via PayPal to your account??? and you manage it - that's stupid. Why not open account in my name and you trade the account? This is the funniest and stupidest proposal I've ever seen for account management.😲

"In trading, winning is frequently a question of luck, but losing is always a matter of skill."
May 30 2010 at 19:38
16 posts
Fomacc, if u think this is stupid dont waste ur time and go to talk trash in other place.

I use my own accounts beacuse i will dont like to show my tactics, if i use the client accounts it will be easy to see how i get the profits, so dont be stupid and if u dont like it or dont trust feel free to do what u want, i understend some ppl dont trust first time but all is a risk in this live, someones will win others will lost but with me i will dont care to take ur money, i have mine acounts with excelent profits and i realy dont like to lost my time with this kind of Questions, this is the last reply i do about this kind of tipics.

For all the ppl i do this with only one reason , this is the way i can control my tactics in the trades and also i can control the account.

Im not a thife and also i dont care if ppl dont trust , if someone dont trust is free to leave.

why to thife when i get good profits on my personals accounts, the service i offer is like a little extra profits
so if someone donts like my offer its ok..

pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
May 30 2010 at 21:13
879 posts
I promise you NOBODY likes it to give away money to somebody hidden behind a PayPal account... What a fishy idea is that? 😲

May 31 2010 at 02:42
16 posts
Wrong my friend right now i have 2 persons thats means i have only 1 more spot.
Have fun and peace out.

SolarFX (forexma)
May 31 2010 at 06:12
1332 posts

setrox posted:
    Wrong my friend right now i have 2 persons thats means i have only 1 more spot.
Have fun and peace out.

Good for you buddy, you're probably managing some 200$ right now and when the third guy joins the team it will be 300$ you're gonna manage.

"In trading, winning is frequently a question of luck, but losing is always a matter of skill."
Jun 01 2010 at 02:36
16 posts
Well only a stupid can think 300 dollars is the amount i manage, Also if u think this is my only account , well what i can say i know that im talking with a kid or a poor brain.

Jun 01 2010 at 04:40
941 posts

Smells like a scam mate. You want to manage money for people do it the proper way. Fx + Paypal = Nigerian scam or Ponzi scheme.

Might just as well walk down the road and give the bucks to the first random stranger.

No sane person would do it, obviously, which means the kid with the poor brain is not fomacc.

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