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Drexellent (By drewmmu)

Gain : +48.76%
Drawdown 54.37%
Pips: 11713.1
Trades 281
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual

Drexellent Discussion

Dec 06 2011 at 09:15
1 posts
This is the recent defined strategy I'm testing on live demo account (still new to comment on performance, I'm fine tuning it from time to time to make sure I don't blow my account, performance is secondary to me).

I only trade EURUSD based on price action, it works on any time frame.

Buys when price goes down, sell when price goes up, each entry increases 0.01 lot size as it stacks, 15-25pips gap.

Close a trade when market retrace, TP can be based on the previous entry price, especially useful while market is ranging.

I don't close when market is is trending, will just let it settles down & retraces to make larger profits (the most recent entries wil make larger profit to counter the losses initially because of the incremental lot size).

Money Management:
Watch buy & sell positions, if it is increasing & passes floating drawdown of 2-3%, I'd hedge against it to slow down my losses to keep me longer in the game to see the retracement.

Idea behind this:
Grid, martingale with strict money management to avoid blowing my account.

This is demo account, and I don't have a specific TP or SL as long as I feel comfortable with market position I'd close an account. If I were to set TP/SL: 15-25 pips. I don't follow strictly on trading rules because rules are dead and meant to be broken, this is the my strategy & I respect TP & SL very much as every trader does, but as long as I follow strict money management I know I'll be fine.


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