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EA Blessing Multi Pair + Gold (By adiengntk )

Gain : -89.36%
Drawdown 97.00%
Pips: 578.3
Trades 4135
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

EA Blessing Multi Pair + Gold Discussion

Optimized_FX (Optimized_FX)
Jan 12 at 13:32
3 posts
Hi, which version of blessing are you using ? did u do custom sets ? or just plug and play ? i got the blessing but not sure if to put it on real or not, much appreciate it

Jan 15 at 04:04
1 posts
Hi, i'm using ver
Yes i do custom set, still researching the best set tho.
I got high floating on AUDNZD pair haha, will manually close the pair next week

Optimized_FX (Optimized_FX)
Jan 15 at 07:52
3 posts
i got the .09 vers ... are you willing to share the settings ? :)
i got mine on default + 20% risk / trade only eur/usd usd/chf and it's working nice :)

Jan 21 at 11:37
12 posts
Trading has never been simple for me. No trader can ever reach a point where he is completely sure of his moves, all the time.

Feb 08 at 10:31
20 posts
The chart looks great and your system seems to be profitable. Good work!

Feb 26 at 10:16
17 posts
You have a great trading system. You seem to have a lot of experience in the market because you are using 1:500 leverage, which is quite high for me. Good going!

Mar 05 at 11:14
35 posts
Your automated system looks good and the chart is really going upwards in this.

Mar 05 at 11:41
362 posts
It looks like it will crash very soon, because the lot-size gets bigger and bigger:


patience is the key
Mar 09 at 10:22
32 posts
Looks amazing! The leverage is pretty high but overall this system reflects hard work.

Mar 10 at 06:22
13 posts
Your automated system looks amazing. Keep it up!

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