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EAATS wRiLo v1.0i - LiteForex (Big Account) (By deysmacro )

The user has deleted this system.

EAATS wRiLo v1.0i - LiteForex (Big Account) Discussion

May 03 2013 at 09:40
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Hello everyone. 😉

It's a pleasure to be here and I would like to introduce to you guys, the EA that has been used for this account, EAATS wRiLo v1.0i.

To avoid any misunderstandings or future problems, please read through until the end. It is in the hope of that you will gain some useful insights of what is this all about. 😎

- - - - -

Since last year, I have been on manual tradings but without much success out of it because of the human factor itself such as tiredness, sleepiness and so on. Since market moves around the clock 24/5, there is no way we as human being can moves around the clock too. Therefore, I have been thinking on using trading automation so that it would do the trades for me while I can do other things in real life. After so many hours/days/months of brainstorming and trial-and-error, the result would be this EA. Making a long lasting EA is no easy work. On top of that, I am not from programming background, so, basically it becomes even tougher especially when it comes to its trading logic.

Long story short, back to this EA.

- - - - -

What this EA has to offer:

- Runs 24/5

- Optimized to run on MT4 only

- Trades on EURUSD and GBPUSD on timeframe H1

- Set & forget type;
  Simply attached to the above mentioned chart pairs and timeframe, and you are done already;
  No human intervention required until the end of the month

- Wrong timeframe protection

- Wrong chart pairs protection

- Only requires daily checking for its trade progress (optional)

- Many EA strategies incorporated to tackle upwards, downwards or sideways trends

- No longer optimized for backtesting run;
  Instead, monthly optimization is done for forwardtesting/live run

- No longer curve-fitted for historical data;
  No point when its doing good in the past but not in the present

- What you see is what you get type of EA

- Slow & steady growth;
  No 50% or 100% etc per month hype

- Monthly growth would be around 5% or yearly growth would be around 60%;
  Anymore than that would be considered as bonus

- No hype what-so-ever;
  You can't smell fishy fish here because you simply can't and has no reason to

- No 3rd party verification such as at MT4i

- Does not use order limits

- Does not afraid of NFP Friday day

- Broker trade errors counter measures

- Trade-Context-Is-Busy protection

- Adaptive TP & SL with broker stealth feature

- No continuous server side license checkings;
  This EA will be given two offline authorization keys to be inserted for its to run and that's it

- No DLL file

- No Clickbank links

- Can be run alongside with another EA;
  Just make sure the magic number is above 9999 for that other EA

- Always tracks its own trades

- Always resume its own trades

- Absolutely no runaway trades

- Able to differentiate manual tradings

- Many useful information on chart;
  Can be turn off also

- Date & time always referred to server timekeeping;
  Local timekeeping also there for convenience purposes

- Monthly update for its recommended settings (based on latest account performance);
  I'm implementing managed recommended settings for this EA,
  therefore, end-user do not need to do any settings at all;

  This will also helps to greatly reduces many common mistakes done by end-user when doing EA settings

- - - - -

Account requirements:

- Min 2000 account balance with lot supported by broker at least 0.01
  Min 20000 (200 in cents) and lot min at least 0.1

- Leverage at least 500

- Fixed spread broker (optional but highly recommended)

- Fast execution broker (optional but highly recommended)

- No requotes from broker (optional but highly recommended)

- Broker does not implement FIFO

- Broker allows hedging

- - - - -

Our deals:

- Use-first-pay-later contract schemes;
  It is a monthly contract and you decides to continue using the EA or not when the contract ends every month

- 30% growth (profits) fee for previous month using this EA;
  I will notify you via email of how much you will need to pay for the fee and it is final;
  Basically it is a win-win situation, I get my EA performance fee and you get your
  updated recommended settings for the EA;

  If you don't want to pay, well, it is up to you to continue using my EA or not

- This EA requires monthly recommended settings updates, therefore, it will stop running when entering new month

- In the event this EA somehow does not make any growth at all, EA will be given free-for-use for the previous month
  and for future month until the growth generated is more than the last known profits

- Your must link your account here at Myfxbook;
  Public or not, as long as I get the account links, it's fine with me since it is for EA performance records

- EA will be tied to one real and one demo account of the same broker

- Changing broker allowed once the current month contract ends

- You can have as many EA running on different broker but the fee will be equal to how many EAs runs too;
  For example: 8 brokers, 5 EAs runs on 5 brokers respectively, means 30% fee for each one of the brokers

- Only one chart of each mentioned pairs can be opened at any one time;
  More than that would make the EA runs like tug-of-war game

- You are given 3 months to forwardtest this EA but with these conditions in place:
  -- Everyone can only apply once
  -- EA will be tied to demo account only
  -- You may request for a max of two brokers of your choice to forwardtest this EA
  -- Monthly recommended settings will not be updated for the EA during the forwardtesting

- Everyone will get a public authorization key and their own unique private authorization key;
  These keys are required to run the EA

- Reselling my EA using signal service or anything related means you are not worthy to use my EA anymore

- You can contact me via this website or via email > deysmacro**

  NOTE: Please prefix this to your title when composing > [EAATS]

- You will never ever get any spam from me since I always being spammed by those irresponsible peoples

- Payment method would be via PayPal (main) or any other payment processors by majority requests

- - - - -

Preparations for applying to use this EA:

- Make sure account requirements tackled. Don't come to me whining bout can't use the EA or broker rejects trades etc.

- In your broker MT4, using size (lot) 0.1, open trade using EURUSD pair and after one minute, close it.
  You then give me these details:
  -- size
  -- price open
  -- price close
  -- swap
  -- profit

- Send me alongside with those details of the above, your name and meta-trader number to be used to my email
  and be sure to prefix in the title [EAATS] when composing.

- - - - -

Last word:

Though I would try my best to answer questions asked, there will be time that there are confidentiality in there which I will not answer, therefore, please don't ask how the EA works, what is the strategies used etc. You don't need to know since you can test it firsthand. Have a feeling of using this EA. 😎

I also quite a busy person, so please forgive me if I reply to you quite late. I will answer regardless and depends on the question being asked too. 😉

Wishing you guys many positive pips together.

My aim is for a long lasting EA that will continue to harvest the profits from the forex market and very stingy to give it back. 😎

Thank you for your time in reading this till the end. 😳

-- deysmacro --
Past experience usually helps present self
May 03 2013 at 21:59
275 posts
Forgot to mention that any open trades which is not closed by this EA at the end of the current weekday, it is pretty safe to left it floating. The EA will take care of it on the next weekday.
Past experience usually helps present self
May 03 2013 at 22:11
275 posts
Let's see how this EA survives in this whipsaw trends too... 😇
Past experience usually helps present self
May 09 2013 at 13:49
275 posts
Alright.. I have implemented some new logic into this EA.. let's see how it goes... 😇
Past experience usually helps present self
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