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elbefx_fund (By elbefx )

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elbefx_fund Discussion

Jun 25 2012 at 13:00
2 posts

This is our new system we would like to introduce to you.

Our system follows 3 strategies on two currency pairs.
All three strategies are scalpers.

The BOSC in conjuction with XTREMA is a scalping strategy and has been developed to trade breakouts. The trades are entered and closed in a very short period of time.
Trades are triggered by pure price action based on an exceptional adaptive algorithm which identifies promising breakout levels. Once trades are opened they are managed using a very unique and profitable monitoring algorithm.
This setup has the advantage of entering and exiting the position very quick, since no “lagging” indicators are required.

please visit for more informations.

all the best
Jun 28 2012 at 12:16
2 posts

again a very good day for our System.

We made 16 pips or 6% gain within 4 minutes with one trade.
The risk we took was only 1.5% of the equity.
On EURUSD we made 1.3% gain!
On GBPUSD we had a moderate loss of 0.8%.

In total it was a good start in the day with equity growth of 7% within minutes.

Remember, you can join our System at

all the best

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