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Elite Traders Group (By takeabyte )

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Elite Traders Group Discussion

Bipin Engineer (Bipin819)
May 10 2019 at 05:45
1 posts
How is this even possible to make 70,000 Pips???? I have never seen anyone doing this and providing track record. Can you please share your strategy or idea about this success!!!

May 12 2019 at 05:56
4 posts
Hello Bipin,
We we are doing is we have a system that gives us specifie take profit points on the major 28 pairs. We do both, buy and sells, and no FICO rules, apply. We add additional positions, up to a set amount, and they all will take profit at the profit points, that our system gives us each week. We offer the oportunity to follow our trades if your interested. Please reach out to us if interested.

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