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EMI01 and EAs (closed) (By Rihan )

The user has deleted this system.

EMI01 and EAs (closed) Discussion

Matt (BluePanther)
May 13 2013 at 15:23
1354 posts
Hi Rihan, I noticed you added my system. The system you added from me uses Forex Hacked Pro and a no-name EURUSD robot.

May I ask please, what strategy do you use?

I tell you honestly, if you changed from IAMFX to IC Markets, I'm sure instead of 12% gain this month you would probably have twice the gain (20%) instead.

IC Markets offer much lower spreads (down to 0), with higher execution speeds (lower latency), though commission may be slightly higher to compensate. But data feeds are much better, hence better order fills.

Good luck with your trading. 😉

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