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eurgbp-scalping(1) (By jjpark1 )

The user has deleted this system.

eurgbp-scalping(1) Discussion

jjpark1 (jjpark1)
Apr 19 2010 at 03:59
18 posts
Hi everyone.
Thanks for visit my portfolio.

We are professional forex trader groups over 3 years and made profit over 400% !!!

Now we support management account service.

Please contact

Apr 20 2010 at 01:22
9 posts
SG, I noticed you have some substantial live accounts and use brokers outside of the US. May I ask which brokers you use.

jjpark1 (jjpark1)
Apr 20 2010 at 03:33
18 posts
i use many brokers outside of The US.
 - Alpari, UK, Fxopen...

in this case, Fxopen

Apr 20 2010 at 16:02
257 posts
is fxopen using segregated accounts ? are those >100K secure ???

jjpark1 (jjpark1)
Apr 21 2010 at 02:20
18 posts
There is so much rumor Fxopen is scam..

But i have used fxopen over 1 years. and in my opinion, they have great services and support.

But our account management service will going on
( has a branch office at japan.. so it works fast and No english)

Apr 21 2010 at 03:31
257 posts
so you're saying fxopen had your > 100K for over 1 year and it's still there ... that's a good sign ...
is your fxopen the ECN account or the regular one ?

jjpark1 (jjpark1)
Apr 21 2010 at 13:15
18 posts
Standard account.. not ECN (commision of Fxopen's ECN is too expensive for me)

Apr 22 2010 at 18:34
95 posts
Hi SG-Japan,

I was analysing your 2010-04-09 trade where it gapped up over the weekend. It triggered up to 4 martingale positions, with the last being 81 standard lots. (Or rather 81 times the lotsize of the 1st position).

Your equity before the trade was $208,985.02. The maximum the price went up to 0.8847. The $ drawdown for all 5 positions went as high as -$58,780.49. A relative drawdown -28.13%.

I see that each Martingale position's lotsize is 3 times the previous and at a step of 22pips. The 5th position was 58 pips away from the 4th position due to the gap up and triggered the moment your broker opened for business for the week.

Had you used a broker that opened earlier in the week like IBFX, the 5th position would have triggered at 0.8818 (38 pips from the 4th position) and your drawdown would have been -$83,780.33. Relative drawdown -40.09%

A suggestion is to change your settings to open a subsequent martingale position greater than 22 pips away. Or avoid the 1st position trade at 14:58 GMT+1.

Apr 22 2010 at 18:59
95 posts
Another observation, and no offense meant, please don't take this the wrong way. Is this a micro account that is multipled x100? I'm unaware of brokers offering 1:500 leverage for larger deposits.

jjpark1 (jjpark1)
Apr 23 2010 at 06:40
18 posts
Hi Clearpaper.

thanks for your advice. yes, you are right. this is micro account.

about My system. this is not a just simple martingale (what ever happend, just doing multiply lotsize)

system has Neuron-network for more accurated entry point. and trade result will be feedback to NN(Neuron-network)

but. i know Martingale is a basically risky trade mechanism.

so i made MaximumLot, MaximumDD, etc.. for protect my account..

and Now Maximum DD is 35% (default setting and can be changed automatically by NN)
this 35% is came from backtesting (2000-2009)

and Grid setting also can be changed by NN automatically or manually. default is 25pip (also optimized by backtesting)

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