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The EW Trends EA (By Murat YAZICI )

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The EW Trends EA Discussion

Murat YAZICI (muratyazici)
May 28 2022 at 06:14
47 posts
The EW Trends EA!!
  - Are you a risk lover trader to obtain big growth at the end of the month?
  - You have a little capital and want to obtain big monthly gains respect to an optimum risk level?

If yes, the EW Trends EA's signals are suitable for you.

  - USDJPY, GBPUSD, and XAUUSD (Gold),
  - Daily max DD is 16%, target is more than 100% monthly growth.

'I am also an optimum risk lover to get big monthly returns. I deposit nearly 100 USD.
And, I want to obtain big monthly growts. The EW Trends EA, developed by me, started to run.'

I have B.Sc. Statistics and M.Sc. Quantitative Methods degrees. I have several scientific papers, conference presentations in Texas, Toronto, London, Istanbul, books and book chapters studies, and many projects about mathematical and statistical modelling. I am also journal reviewer at some scientific journals.

What is The EW Trends EA's Logic?
It is based on A Fuzzy Model developed by me.

Vague or fuzzy data and application several fields, such as psychometry, image recognition, artificial intelligence, etc. Some factors cannot be described accurately the best description of these kinds of output is that they are fuzzy outputs [1][2].

Murat Y.

   1. H. Tanaka, H. Ishibuchi, Identification of possibilistic linear systems by quadratic membership functions of fuzzy parameters, Fuzzy Sets Systems 41 (191) 145-160.
   2. H. Tanaka, H. Ishibuchi, S. Yoshikawa, Exponential possibility regression analysis, Fuzzy Sets Systems 69 (1995) 305-318.
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