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EZEO79-EZE080/cme_fishing (By Magixs )

Gain : +35.73%
Drawdown 1.68%
Pips: 119.7
Trades 21
Type: Real
Leverage: -
Trading: Automated

EZEO79-EZE080/cme_fishing Discussion

Magixs (Magiic)
Mar 14 2017 at 18:18
435 posts
This accounts running 3 EAs.

EZE079 trades EURUSD, uses hidden SL and TP.

EZE083 trades on XAUUSD it too has hidden TP and SL.

cme_fishing is a free EA from mql code base, I'm using it on USDCAD, and still working out the settings.

Link to the download:

There's a bonus in the account, so equity is skewed, all that matters is return %. It's a very small account for the time being.

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