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Fast Forex Millions (By Melissa Carter )

The user has deleted this system.

Fast Forex Millions Discussion

Jan 27 2012 at 13:54
2 posts
Hi, may i know is this the default setting?

Melissa Carter (MellyForex)
Jan 27 2012 at 14:33
13 posts

   samwong15 posted:
   Hi, may i know is this the default setting?

Hi, yes they're the defaults although I've lowered the risk to 3%. There's more about it here:

One day, one step at a time
Jan 27 2012 at 15:05
8 posts
Melly, at your page i see nothing in detail about this bot and you also write the below text.

'For the time being, I've followed the developer's recommendations and set Fast Forex Millions up using the default risk settings, with the exception that I've lowered the default risk setting of 10.0 such that I'm only risking 3.0% of the account balance per trade in my forward test.'

The developer send the info out that is best to change the filters to your broker needs. see below...

There's this message from the FFM team:


I hope your having a wonderful day. Just in case
you didn't read the text file that was accompanied
by the zip file when you downloaded Fast Forex
Millions I would like to let you know what it said.

As this advice can help you manipulate the performance
of the robot for your broker.

FilterDepth setting in robot settings will range depending
on Dual Mode setting. (Info below)

When DualMode = true
Range: 0 - 1200

When DualMode = false
Ranger: 0 - 2400

Depending on your broker, and price feed and such, you
can control the sensitivity of the trade strategy to be safer
or less safer. If you find it's not trading well for you, you
can increase the filterdepth to the max number above between.
You can add 150 - 300 a week on the filters up to the max
range to improve results.

By doing this you are able to 'tune' the robot to your broker.

Best of luck!

FFM Team'

Did you adjust FilterDepth to your brokers?

anyway, nice that we have one more demo account with this bot. I bought it yesterday with -20% off from a forum coupon and demo-test it out before go live with different filter settings.


here the link to buy it for 197,- (-20%)

good luck 😎

my second trading income:
Melissa Carter (MellyForex)
Jan 27 2012 at 16:36
13 posts
No, I haven't adjusted the filter depth, and I didn't receive the email from FFM support either. They possibly only sent it to users and not to affiliates.

My copy has only been trading so far for a few days, so it's a bit too soon to be adjusting any of the settings in my opinion. Even so, I don't really understand the logic of changing one of the settings on the basis that it is supposedly broker dependent, because there's no effective way of optimising those settings for your broker. You would need a set of history data for the broker you want to optimise it to (MetaQuotes history data wouldn't suffice) in order to determine the optimum filter setting for your broker, but that data is very difficult to obtain for a period going further back than the last month.

I suppose you could backtest it for the last month with a variety of different brokers by downloading and using their own data. This would give you a good idea of how broker dependent the EA is likely to be, but a month isn't long enough to form any real opinion.

If you've no idea whether the adjustment you're making is going to be beneficial or not in the longer term because there's no way of backtesting it for your broker beyond the previous month, what's the point of making the adjustment at all?

One day, one step at a time
Feb 02 2012 at 07:18
56 posts
Just notice that the FFM had launch v2.5. Melissa Is this the V2.1 or v2.5?

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