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Flex EA Global DE TDI Slope (by flexea)

Gain: +1553.71%
Drawdown: 91.71%
Pips: 7045.1
Trades: 2512
Type: Demo
Leverage: -
Trading: Automated
Jul 21 2017 at 16:33
129 posts
this EA is very dangerous it is a short term gain kind of EA not at all suitable for long term , can not handle large market movements

May 30 2018 at 05:52
247 posts
AUDCAD basket closed manually..

Nov 05 2018 at 07:25
1 posts
Anyone using this at the moment?

Nov 06 2018 at 07:15
247 posts
loch99 posted:
Anyone using this at the moment?

Just dont be fooled by the high return. This account was lucky at the beginning. i just blowed a demo account within one month with the initial settings. This was using 0.4 risk at first with a 1:500 account, you should use 0.05 risk to be safe. So you can make 4-5-6 % monthly.

Nov 06 2018 at 19:19
129 posts
this EA is very dangerous I have burnt my hands long back , owner said market is like this one day you win the other day you loose

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