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Flex EA - x3Retrace - Real - FXOpen (By flexea )

The user has deleted this system.

Flex EA - x3Retrace - Real - FXOpen Discussion

Dec 07 2015 at 11:15
34 posts
hi is this oure automated or ea ?
why is different from mine ?
eur.usd - 3 - 4 december 2015

Jan 16 2016 at 17:33
12 posts
what happen you on usd/cad trade around 9 December did you close this manually .
Can you explain why it went so bad with that trade was only real bad trade you had is USD/CAN to be avoided do you think?
thanks any information would be helpful b4 I copy.
regards johnny

Jan 21 2016 at 12:22
12 posts

how is flex doin for you?had stop loss myself was useing flexhybrid had it at 20% drawdown at 0.2 risk that was mistake if I had it at 35% drawdown I would save the trade.But was doin well up to this 18% up in less 3 weeks so I lost 2% so its lesson learn .Keep your drawdown high are you will lose your profits.
I'm using x3retrace at moment but can anyone tell me if it will work well with stop loss.
Anyone using scalper I like because has stoploss any inputs for it?
I'm using x2retrace having great results with it after 2 weeks so far and STOPLOSS gives real peace of mind.
So guys if we could help each other out give strategies could be very helpful to us all that are using this EA as I think can be very profitable so lets share

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