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Following The Price (By GG_Trader)

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Following The Price Discussion

Jun 07 at 20:50
5 Replies
Member Since Dec 20, 2022   2 posts
Jun 08 at 01:52
Muy buena operativa para sacar rendimientos, me gustaria aprender como te encuentro en IG?
Member Since Nov 30, 2021   28 posts
Jun 08 at 02:41
Operating like this is madness. I made a bet with a friend who said it was impossible to make 500% in a week, I made 800% in two days and I won. haha ha
But it is very risky and it is not sustainable to operate with leverage like that.
It serves to enter into a proptrade, like a My Forex Funds is a funding program, but not to operate constantly.
I trade for Roboforex, you can find me there at copyfx.

It's insane and breaks the account, but it can be done with spare money, just like what you spend in a casino. 😄😁
Member Since Dec 20, 2022   2 posts
Jun 08 at 03:11
Of course, it's not just that, I was surprised by the little percentage you lost when you lost, and the amount you won when you won. I loved that risk benefit ratio. That's why I was talking to you, I know it's not normal to do that % but that RR is very good, that's why I'd be interested in learning it. To do what you say, pass funding tests and so on.
Member Since Nov 30, 2021   28 posts
Jun 09 at 15:26
It's hard to explain everything, it's a mix of many years losing in Trade ha ha ha. To give you an idea, trading forex has become a hobby, today I earn money with sports trading, only football.
But my operations are similar to Charlles Nader, from Brazil, if you look for Charlles Nader on youtube, you think, just operate microtrends and if it goes wrong, stop right away.
Great weekend.
Member Since Nov 30, 2021   28 posts
Jun 11 at 19:16
May everyone have a blessed week and many gains.

Trust in God that blessings will come.
Member Since Nov 30, 2021   28 posts
Jun 14 at 14:36
Data Fifa makes me operate here for distraction 🙃😇
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