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Forex-Ea-Trader.Com V12 (By Forex Ea Trader )

Gain : +53.65%
Drawdown 58.21%
Pips: 20721.0
Trades 1752
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

Forex-Ea-Trader.Com V12 Discussion

Johan Olwage (olla)
Jul 29 2019 at 11:10
43 posts
To all myfxbook users, watch this operator.
He works with Tradefred operating a broker where you deposit a sum to trade with the Forex EA trader ostensibly for free. After a while you will see the drawdown simply growing out of proportion, making the so called profits meaningless.
Once you abort and want to withdraw, you will get nothing. Support will give you meaningless responses, but you will not see your money again.

Let the market work for you and then follow the winners.
Forex Ea Trader (ForexEaTrader)
Aug 02 2019 at 11:31
2 posts
Dear Johan Olwage

I am sorry to hear about that , we never had such a problem , as far as i see in our system we asked you to send us trading account statement number of time in order to check if you set the robot in the right way and on the right pairs but you refused to do so, more then that our support always tried to help and give you all the answers on of all of your questions, i am very sorry to see that you decided to spread misinformation about our software .

About the broker you worked with , its a regulated broker and in order to verify your account and to make a withdraw you need to send some identifying documents, This is the regulatory requirement for customer safety, As far as i know you got the money you asked to withdraw from the broker, so why you still claim that you didn't ?

Johan Olwage (olla)
Aug 02 2019 at 15:17
43 posts
Good day,
             Firstly, you did not reply to my mails after I sent you the details you wanted. In fact, I went further than that and sent you the results of your own published Forex EA Trader on this very myfxbook which shows you the widening gap between your profit line and the yellow/orange line being the actual equity. I then asked you in that e-mail if you know what your equity line means.
            Suffice to say you did not reply, you went quiet. Period.
            Secondly, I still have a problem withdrawing from Tradefred. My first withdrawal request was lodged on July 1st, I contacted them on July 8th (and a have the transcript of the communication in my posession). After that I repeated my withdrawal request 4 more times and contacted the online chat twice in this regard. Nothing happened. Sweet blow all, nada, nothing. Period.
             Tradefred (your regulated partner) appears to me like a 'cloak and dagger' organisation, they say little and do even less. I have now listed them on Forex Peace army as SCAMMERS as they have failed in the most basic of any broker's relationship with their clients, to return due money when requested. I believe that giving them 30 days and loads of contact, puts them in the category where I have placed them.
             It is now up to you and them to clear your reputation or forever hold your peace.

Let the market work for you and then follow the winners.
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