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Forex Fury GBPUSD (By forexfuryreal )

Gain : +737.16%
Drawdown 35.64%
Pips: 10766.5
Trades 2051
Type: Demo
Leverage: -
Trading: Automated

Forex Fury GBPUSD Discussion

OTheFuture (OTheFuture)
Aug 29 2019 at 21:15
53 posts
Looks like TS is active and working on this one. Dig it.

Patience. Trend trading. Select EAs
raynizm (raynizm)
Feb 14 2020 at 12:14
1 posts
what is your settings and what time frame do you use?

Jan 07 at 12:13
1 posts
raynizm posted:
what is your settings and what time frame do you use?

Something we would like to know as well, haha

Jan 12 at 05:44
1 posts
Jan 15 at 06:30
15 posts
I also want to know what time frame you are using. If I share my graph here, it will have more losses than profits.

Feb 11 at 11:54
20 posts
This demo needs some details and information. It will be better if you could share some information about your trading system here. Thanks.

Feb 24 at 10:37
20 posts
This looks like a very good system and I’m glad you decided to share it here. Do share some more info if you can please, thank you.

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