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Forex Fury Live (By forexfury )

The user has deleted this system.

Forex Fury Live Discussion

Jun 20 2015 at 10:56
1 posts
Jun 20 2015 at 19:46
10 posts
why track records is not verified?

FerchoFX (fer_LF)
Jul 03 2015 at 17:00
82 posts
same vendors of Forex Steam....only SCAMMERS that do not show real accounts

FerchoFX (fer_LF)
Jul 03 2015 at 17:02
82 posts
Not verified account is nothing....only scam

Jul 06 2015 at 00:39
2 posts
I can clearly see now that the developers are falsifying the account statement for the live account, since the account track record not being verified gives them the opportunity to do what they like with the statement. They conveniently omitted to show the start of any trade activity for Friday, 03 July trading session, which should have recorded another dramatic losing batch of trades. That particular account also does not follow the advertised .Set Files shown on their website as far as the 23:00 to 23:59 trade opening window is concerned, even when adjusted to their broker's time. Check back a few days to around 24 June to see very erratic start times.

In addition, they have not updated the new $5k demo account statement for at least the past 18 hours...and that IS a verified account statement. Perhaps they do not want to show the weekend results following the Greek referendum.

I have asked the greedy and uncaring affiliate Pat at Forex Robot Nation to comment on his comments section, but, of course, he simply deletes any comments that might lose him some commission payment. Try to make a comment there yourself and see what happens.


FerchoFX (fer_LF)
Jul 06 2015 at 01:58
82 posts
Pat of Forex Robot Nation is the same person that sell the both EA´s (forex fury and forex steam).....he have deleted many of my comments and yes, he manipulate the results.

Jul 06 2015 at 02:35
494 posts
Yes Forex Robot Nation is the one behind this . If you go to their site and post any challenging questions about Forex Steam or Forex Fury , they will delete your posts soon enough.
They don't even have a gut to show any real proof of their own accounts. Stay away from this con artist

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
Jul 07 2015 at 08:48
7 posts
I wrote a message to Forex Fury and i told them that is not a reliable strategy to make a small winners and big losers ,its a matter of time to blow their own account! And they reply me : We believe in our strategy ,we are the best forex EA !! ahahaha No way !! They say'd that they have never even blew their own account for the *last 15 years of testing* (i don't believe in that) ,but they almost did it for 1 week. ;) When you see their trading history you can see the big losers and a very small winners - i won't buy this software until they change their strategy !

Sunny Chan (Sunnyday)
Jul 23 2015 at 16:50
157 posts
I think it is grid trading

Jul 23 2015 at 17:37
167 posts
I bought this EA based forexrobotnation's recommendation too and what a waste of money.

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