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Forex Growth Bot

Gain : +2644.71%
Drawdown 94.46%
Pips: 8075.5
Trades 2881
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

May 19 2011 at 17:22
97 posts
Going to be blunt here
Quote quote quote, and you are adding what to that conversation

May 20 2011 at 00:59
6 posts
Can you share us the setting

Ric (vangrosh)
May 20 2011 at 02:28
19 posts
mistificator posted:
    The power of the hindsight knowledge. You never know do you have a break out from the range or it's a stop hunting until it is over. If you know that market is trending, switch the bot off. What can be easier? Saying that I agree about points when bot let the big wins slip into big losses.

No, it's not the power of hindsight, and it has nothing to do with breaking out of a range. Also turning the bot off is not an easy option. Most of these big market moves are when I'm in bed. I can't babysit the bot all night. And it has nothing to do whether I know the market is trending or not. I want the trends and without the big trends this bot will *NOT* work. When to enter a trend and open a trade is the point. Most of the stuff I was talking about was clearly visible S&R levels on the chart that you can see with any decent S&R indicator, or you can draw the lines yourself. You do not need hindsight for noticing current, live S&R levels. Im talking about the bot opening trades at the end of a trend or long breakout. How do you know it's near the end? You never know for sure but if the trend it getting near to a major support level- a level that has not been broken or a level at which the price has bounced off of before, then that is not the place to be opening any trades. You also can know because the strength of the trend weakens very much as it nears the support level. At that point the best thing to do is wait and see if the trend will break through support or if it will reverse. On the last set of losing trades that were held over the weekend, the trades where opened right near a major support level and then the trend reversed. It's a very simple thing. But the point of a good bot is that we should not have to babysit it and try to fix it's mistakes. I believe the author of FGB is smart enough to update the bot to deal with these problems. For now, I will keep using the Trailing EA because that has saved me from most of these losses. I'm also working on my own EA that will open up hedge trades when any FGB trade goes in loss by a certain amount. Then the hedge trades will stay open if the market reverses and will follow the revesal with a trailing stop- hopefully turning many of the losing trades into winners.

Ric (vangrosh)
May 20 2011 at 02:51
19 posts

cunod posted:
    I kinda skimmed through that. What points I saw are good. Figureing out there is a reversing market around the bend does need to be implemented. As for what you were talking about the set file. I can't find it I see the DLLs it put it but no sign of the set file. Can you direct me to the proper destination for that?

Sorry if you misunderstood that- there is no set file. What I was saying is that we need the author of FGB to give us .set files that are optimized settings for FGB to work better in these market conditions. I've done some backtesting that shows that different settings in the basic version can make a huge difference in this market. But I'm in no position to choose what the best settings are, because they may be perfect for this month but bad for the next. It's the creator of FGB that I would think would be the best one to tweak the settings and provide us with updated set files from time to time. I know that other EA authors provide updated settings from time to time as the market changes...

Ric (vangrosh)
May 20 2011 at 04:42
19 posts
Here are some quick optimization examples I did for the month of May to the current date:

One surprising observation is that the new Smart Exit setting makes big difference if used in May.

Normal settings without Smart Exit:
Profit: -0.17 Trades: 21 Profit Factor: 1.00 FastVolatilityBase=5 SlowVolatilityBase=60 VolatilityFactor=2

Normal settings with Smart Exit = True:
Profit: 44.86 Trades: 21 Profit Factor: 2.05 FastVolatilityBase=5 SlowVolatilityBase=60 VolatilityFactor=2

Example optimization without Smart Exit - Highest Profit Factor
Profit: 108.08 Trades: 10 Profit Factor: 20.05 FastVolatilityBase=9 SlowVolatilityBase=57 VolatilityFactor=2

Example optimization without Smart Exit - No Losing trades!
Profit: 135.18 Trades: 8 Profit Factor: 0.00 FastVolatilityBase=17 SlowVolatilityBase=73 VolatilityFactor=2

Example optimization without Smart Exit - Best Profit/Profit Factor combo
Profit: 190.88 Trades: 42 Profit Factor: 2.97 FastVolatilityBase=17 SlowVolatilityBase=57 VolatilityFactor=1

Wow! Started using increments of 0.10 for the VolatilityFactor. All with Smart Exit = False.

Example optimization with new Highest Profit Factor
Profit: 265.68 Trades: 16 Profit Factor: 73.59 (!) FastVolatilityBase=18 SlowVolatilityBase=20 VolatilityFactor=1.3

Example optimization - No Losing trades.
Profit: 264.87 Trades: 16 Profit Factor: 0.00 FastVolatilityBase=20 SlowVolatilityBase=66 VolatilityFactor=1.7

Example optimization - Best Profit/Profit Factor combo.
Profit: 301.25 Trades: 70 Profit Factor: 2.65 FastVolatilityBase=20 SlowVolatilityBase=73 VolatilityFactor=0.8

After this High of $301.25, the next Highest was the same Profit of 437.61! over and over with the same amount of trades - an insane 621 trades! The settings were all over the place but all produced the same profit and number of trades. Also they had a very high Drawdown% of 82.05%. Here are just two of over 200 passes that produced the same result. Remember the settings where all different and varied greatly- except for SlowVolatilityBase which went from 83-100, but the profit, number of trades and PF stayed the same. Very strange...

Profit: 437.61 Trades: 621 Profit Factor: 1.32 FastVolatilityBase=10 SlowVolatilityBase=93 VolatilityFactor=-2.3
Profit: 437.61 Trades: 621 Profit Factor: 1.32 FastVolatilityBase=20 SlowVolatilityBase=83 VolatilityFactor=-0.8

This is why I wish the author could do his own optimizations and give us the settings he thinks are the best for times when the market changes.

May 20 2011 at 11:08
20 posts
Ok so with trade copier I have pickes up two sells:
opening prices, lets see where they go....

May 20 2011 at 12:00
1008 posts
They must have changed their code because their bot normally doesn't make a 30Min trade for 23 pips. Maybe their testing a new Trailing Stop setting. Any Basic users get these trades?

05.20.2011 11:00 05.20.2011 11:30 EURUSD Sell 0.12 - - 1.42476 1.42241 23.5 28.20 30m

May 20 2011 at 12:11
20 posts
yep first trade closed @ 1.42255
Have now picked up a new trade 1.42200

May 20 2011 at 12:16
6 posts

ForexScam posted:
    They must have changed their code because their bot normally doesn't make a 30Min trade for 23 pips. Maybe their testing a new Trailing Stop setting. Any Basic users get these trades?

05.20.2011 11:00 05.20.2011 11:30 EURUSD Sell 0.12 - - 1.42476 1.42241 23.5 28.20 30m

no they havn't changed anything, I am running v1.3 basic 100% automated and I have exactely the same trade as them on my ThinkForex demo account :


May 20 2011 at 14:49
28 posts
3 closed trades last night:
1. -5 pips
2. +40
3. +32

These were with the Growth Bot monthly subscription service.

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