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Forex Real Profit EA-4

Gain : +378.03%
Drawdown 31.96%
Pips: 6803.6
Trades 4163
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Automated

Forex Real Profit EA-4 Discussion

Jul 02 2012 at 02:30
1916 posts
don't buy it ,the seller do not refund ,having a hard time to get refund even if it says in the faq section

Do you offer refund?

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, we can offer refunds for the first installment within 30 days as of the payment. As a paying member you will be licensed to use ForexRealProfitEA on one live trading account. Each additional live trading account Activation Key will be charged a one-time fee of $ 99. We do not offer refunds for additional live trading account Activation Keys .

that is b.s.for me so far,stay away
Forex Real Profit EA (fxrealprofitea)
Jul 02 2012 at 08:31
27 posts
Dear rob559,

We offer refunds in less than 24 hours for anyone who asks for it without even asking why.

We are on the market for almost two years and we never denied a refund, or asking why.

We are verified vendor on a well-known forex forum, which means we are not here to fool anyone, not to mention that we are the only vendor in the world that offers a free demo testing version of our robot, so anyone can test it as long as it wants on how many brokers he wants for free.

I don't know how you get this idea, but we offer support for any problem you might have.

If you can't prove your statement, my only logical explanation is that you are a vendor to busy to burry your competition (and not a very honest one).

Kind regards,
ForexRealProfitEA Team
Aug 10 2013 at 01:57
231 posts
I noticed there is a gap from July 7th to July 11th in 2013. Is this manual intervention due to news?

Several other real accounts running Forex Real Profit (like Forex Razor's forward test) seem to feature the same gap or a similar one.
Aug 10 2013 at 15:37
231 posts
Oh nevermind, was just informed by support that this was a news event (Bernanke's speech) everyone running this EA was warned about by FRP's team; they were to deactivate the scalping strategies on all currencies.
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