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Forex Rebellion (By petewright )

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Forex Rebellion Discussion

Alan (ajs5274)
Nov 05 2009 at 12:38
47 posts
hello Pete,

It looks as if rebellion is doing ok for you. I am testing it and on daily and some 4 hr. Just wondering where do you place your stops? using the shifted emas? and what about tp do you have a set target or do you trail with the emas?

Nov 05 2009 at 12:50
6 posts
Hi Alan,

So far I have just been placing my stops either at -30 pips, or a few pips below the 5 EMA it depends how i feel the strength of the trade is going to be.
If i think it is going to be a short trend (by comparing 1 hr 4 hr and daily chart) then I will aim for 30-45 pips. and either have a set stoploss of 30 pips or below the 5 EMA.

If i think there could be a strong trend coming then I will place the stoploss below the EMA and every 4 hours or so keep increasing it following the EMA line. I really want like 100 pips here, but so far I have done this method of 5 occasions.
Two finished at break even, and three netted me 74, 53 and 89 pips.

Hope this helps

Nov 06 2009 at 21:32
6 posts
I had a bad last few trades, I got false signal cos of High risk news. I will pay more attention next time

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