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Forex Benz AUDNZ (By traderworld)

Gain : +306.1%
Drawdown 58.24%
Pips: -9488.6
Trades 4175
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

Forex Benz AUDNZ Discussion

Sep 03 2013 at 05:31
5 posts

I can see you are sucessfully running at IBFX.

What is the spread at IBFX ?

How you rate their service ?

Sep 03 2013 at 20:51
16 posts

Yes, it has made 79% so far, am very glad.

This is mini account with leverage 1:400, IBFX AU spread is normally 4-5 pips.

So far so good, account opening can take 1-3 days, deposits via card get credited within 24 hours, I had first withrawl that was processed in 24 hours.

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