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forexinvestindo - 2 (By Jeremia Kurniawan )

The user has deleted this system.

forexinvestindo - 2 Discussion

Forex Team (omiyage)
Oct 09 2010 at 02:18
3 posts
you systm look good. you have manage account? im want invest. this broker is reliable you using? tell how to invest and how much deposit. thank you.

SolarFX (forexma)
Oct 09 2010 at 07:05
1332 posts
200 000 deposit with GCG, this is either a fake statement or forexinvestindo is ....😀😀😀

"In trading, winning is frequently a question of luck, but losing is always a matter of skill."
Jaroslav Pekorny (UB40U2)
Nov 16 2010 at 07:34
7 posts
Your system looks stable. Is this $200k a real account in GCG? Is it one trader or a Pamm account? I am interested to invest, but with other brokers, not GCG. What other brokers do you use?
Write to me at: [email protected]

I believe there is a winning system out there.
Samuraitrader (Kamishima)
Jan 27 2011 at 05:42
13 posts
FAKE of couse. GCG is a SCAM BROKER!! Everywhere written, also fpa. Who invests with these scammers is an idiot. Forexinvestindo is scam.

Feb 28 2012 at 10:52
79 posts
How u know that is a scam?

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