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The Forexpert Live (by theforexpert)

The user has deleted this system.
Jun 28 2015 at 10:59
11 posts
good start in real account..

Jun 29 2015 at 09:56
25 posts
poor start for the week

Jun 29 2015 at 15:47
16 posts

There was a market crash last night and there were extreme spread spikes when Greece announced the closure of all of their nations banks for the next week:
I think we did very well considering the circumstances and we are 550 pips positive currently.

Jun 30 2015 at 06:38
25 posts
Highly impressive recovery. I never expected the EA to bounce back so quickly with such a magnificent result.
As at now, I have made over 500 pips today. EA is doing great now. I hope and pray it continue this
way for a very long time. Thanks Forexpert Team

Jun 30 2015 at 07:31
16 posts
Thank you, ralphbayo. We appreciate your follow-up and glad you did well today.

Jul 02 2015 at 06:21
25 posts
No trades for today?

Jul 02 2015 at 08:03
16 posts
We are trading with precision algorithms that require precise conditions for trading. We are in a week where the Greek crisis has been looming and it is also a Non Farm Payroll week. Now, it will be July 5th before we see the results from Greece. Brokers are currently using all manner of trickery including time delays, spread spikes, and margin reductions to take advantage of the volatility that is expected. Our EA detects this and will not trade. Expect trading to be sporadic until the 5th. I hope you make some money during this time, but if it turns out to be disappointing, rest assured it will be business as usual right after the announcement from Greece- once all this fear and greed dissipates. Hang in there.

batchboy (Batcheler)
Jul 03 2015 at 20:06
200 posts
So Ralph.....a year for +40% is not enough with RTP for happiness?
$200 to start, you're my level of fx/EA-dom, lol.
I guess compared to what it can do on ecn's its not so good? It's same problem I had with TFOT by iticsoftware 2yrs ago, not big enough acct for ecn's. Besides, latee he even dropped it from myfxbook, dear dear me this EA world.
Have you considered optimizing on each pair, or whatever pair does best for such mode? Can't remember what TF rtp is, if 1hr I find I can draw down 2yrs of 1hr bars from fxcm into history file for optruns, and this makes for great optrun results to use going forward.


don't believe 99.9% of the EA e-ads out there my friends!
Jul 11 2015 at 22:46
16 posts
We have removed this account because it was a small, experimental account. People became too focused on it and did not understand that the swings are going to look bigger on a small account. All trades are copied from The Forexpert, which is also published here. It gained 200% last month, and has made the exact same trades as The Forexpert Live. The results are verified right here on this site, which is the most respectable publishing site on the internet.

Jul 13 2015 at 05:35
16 posts
We have a new policy:
We want all subscribers to be comfortable with The Forexpert before paying us any money. We want subscribers to know it works, and matches the published results, so we will activate accounts first and make sure the subscriber is set up and satisfied that the system is trading correctly before we accept the subscription fee. We have also added a live subscriber account to the website starting today for further comparison.

Please see the instructions page on our website for complete info.

Wishing everyone an excellent week & good trading.

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