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ForexPIPZen 209.8 FXDD (By forexpipzen)

Gain : +0.23%
Drawdown 0.00%
Pips: 33.0
Trades 1
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

ForexPIPZen 209.8 FXDD Discussion

Jul 04 2011 at 23:15
1 posts
Edited the ECN feature 7/04/2011 on the trade server.

OLD ECN setting prior to 07/04/2011 ECN=false

New ECN setting on 07/04/2011 to today ECN=true.

Sleep changed from 500 to 250

Reason: Lack of trades as related to other Platforms (ibfx fxcm, etc.)

Verified in chat with FXDD: GMT OFFSET +3 on 07/04/2011
Stated orders can be processed with stoploss and takeprofits. Will still verify any changes in FXDD trading post ECN=true. (ECN = true means that the order process is a 2 step order process which modifies the initial order almost instantly with take profit, stoploss and Trailingstoploss value)

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