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ForexPro Live (By ForexPro )

The user has deleted this system.

ForexPro Live Discussion

Sep 24 2010 at 00:48
449 posts
What a nosedive shit, probably not updated due to account blowup already

Money makes more money $ ... $$$
Sep 24 2010 at 03:45
382 posts
thanks for proofing again what a clueless clown u are.. when balance and equity is zero= all money withdrawn, account closed
Do the math BEFORE posting bullshit

Do u seriously believe someone let u manage account?? U dont even understand the basics of trading, besides beeing a mental sick scambag

Sep 24 2010 at 03:52
449 posts
I didn't look at the balance, and yes you had to withdraw before this shit killed all he minor profits made by this fucking nosedive system

Money makes more money $ ... $$$
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Sep 24 2010 at 03:59
879 posts
so when can we get start with the managed account?

Sep 24 2010 at 04:03
449 posts
And why not to continue with the 'great' EAKain then? Don't be idiot.
Who are you trying to fool? The king of account blowers using shitty martingales

Money makes more money $ ... $$$
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