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Forex Shuffle (By fxshuffle)

Gain : +55.05%
Drawdown 33.89%
Pips: 2032.0
Trades 1220
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Shuffle Discussion

Apr 02 2011 at 00:48
13 posts
'All results shown on this website are hypothetical, back-tested results'

'No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences'.

The above comments are from the Forex shuffle website, So I can assume it is correct.

How can they claim that this is a real account?

Is anyone trying it?

Apr 04 2011 at 02:47
4 posts
This is a real live account, that is just a disclaimer.

Apr 04 2011 at 09:59
13 posts
It works like this

1. Forex Shuffle generates a trade signal.

2. Our advanced and high bandwidth servers seamlessly deliver trades to your Meta trader platform.

3. Trades are controlled by the Forex Shuffle system, modified and closed.

So does tis mean that I need to have a VPS account set up to use forex shuffle?.

Apr 05 2011 at 00:26
4 posts
No, you can use a PC, just make sure the computer is on 24/5.. but yes a VPS is always the better option.

Apr 06 2011 at 09:47
30 posts
HI fxshuffe

I fallow to your account and like results
But there are some orders that are similar to the Pipdragon

You use the same EA?
explains how the two accounts are so similar?

thanks !

seth blackstone
Apr 06 2011 at 17:29
7 posts
Greetings -

I have been running FX Shuffle now since march 31st ... first trade was 4/4 so that is what 2 trading days? with 9 trades so far. I use finfx as my broker with a mini account and fixed spreads. At present we are down 130+ pips with another -85 floating on 3 open trades at the time of this writing. As you can see approx 1/2 of the account is gone or in danger.

The FX Shuffle account has a 4000+ balance and they only trade in micro and mini lots, of the 601 trades in the history 0.42 is the largest trade lot size and ofcourse 0.01 the smallest, have to admit that this does open the question of the confidence that they have in thier own system.

I only put up 500USD for my trading account as it was all that I could afford, my min lot size is one mini lot 0.10 (broker minimum) so conventional MM wisdom cannot be applied. I have about 12% drawdown on each trade they send down the pipe.

At this time the definition of Insanity/Stupidity comes to mind ... goes something like 'Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.' It sounded logical, to me at least, to pay a team of professional traders, or at the very least someone more knowledgable then myself, to help me with the FX Market. I think that the idea is sound, however, it does assume that there is an actual team behind FX Shuffle and that thier real goal is to make you money and not just make you enough to keep paying the subscription fee.

As 'Beadelta' suggested, if we are paying a subscription fee to be fed trades from an EA that I could have bought myself for a fraction of the cost. I may have to put aside my christian values and rethink the business of paid revenge.

At present I am operating painfully close to margin call, but as usual I am hopeful that they can pull it out. Gets back to my definition of Stupidity/Insanity. :)

Apr 07 2011 at 03:39
2 posts
@seth blackstone

I've been running Forex Shuffle for a similar amount of time and quite frankly if I were you I would take any money I have out of your Forex account and refund any EA's you own if possible. It's extremely obvious you either don't know how to manage risk or read instructions. Buy a good book on trading Forex read it over and then in a few months think about trying it again. It's just painful to see this happen and it's even more painful to see you post here trying to blame Forex Shuffle for your mismanagement. You were using .1 lots which is 10X more than you should have been using. I'm sorry if I seem blunt and to the point but I couldn't just read your post and let your unjustified comments fall on Forex Shuffle. You can believe me when I say that I'm right in there if something seems out of place with any Forex vendor including a prompt refund. In this case I'm eagerly awaiting to see what sort of results Forex Shuffle produces for me and at this point have every reason to be optimistic.

seth blackstone
Apr 07 2011 at 04:51
7 posts
SirForex needs to read my motto statement at the end of my last post and sit down with the Forex Shuffle manual, evidently he has never actually read the instructions he is so fond of.

Apr 07 2011 at 05:04
2 posts

There are Micro Accounts available and at a $500 balance which I'm very familiar with myself one cannot afford to be trading at .1. I'll go so far as saying I can understand your extreme desire to trade but for your own sake get a Micro account even if it requires you to change brokers. Like I said I may have been a bit hard but in no way can you criticize Forex Shuffle given the lot size you were trading at with that account size.

seth blackstone
Apr 07 2011 at 22:39
7 posts
😕 lets get out the pencil, with roughly 20 trading days in any given month, I am counting both sunday and friday and a subscription fee of $34.99 every month and lets say that we trade .01 lots on every trade, that means that your account will have to average a minimum of 17.5 profitable pips every trading day, just to pay for the service. ( this assumes an average of 10 cents a pip across the various pairs that are traded)

Now we are currently on the 6th trading day of April (counting sundays and fridays) and we are at present 7.13 days in the hole as far as the pip count. Not only are we not even covering the subscription cost, we are losing at a rate that is faster then the required win rate just to break even. 😡

Now I don't know about you but I don't just aspire to break even, all that does is make the subscription service and the brokers wealthy, it is my opinion that the only reason to work the forex market is to make money, lots of it, that opinion ofcourse is in direct conflict with reality at this moment in time. 😞

Now don't get me wrong, I intend to give Forex Shuffle a fair shake, or at the very least I intend to for as long as the money that I can afford will last. Math doesn't lie, even if FX Shuffle made you $100 a month net profit and you didn't change anything as your account grew, it would take 1000 (one thousand ) years to grow your account just to a point where you could get serious in the market. I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of time. 😲

In conclusion, trading in micro lots will never make you any real money, it is like a race horse that is perpetually stuck in the gate. Or a olympic marathon runner that has his feet glued to the starting blocks. 😀

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