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forextechnic (By fxtechnical )

The user has deleted this system.

forextechnic Discussion

Apr 08 2016 at 11:49
131 posts
Why you guys debated something that trader has stop trading, first of all try asking the author if this is the holygrail why the author stop trading.
Apr 09 2016 at 10:35
39 posts
This arbitrage EA
Apr 09 2016 at 10:35
105 posts
Emagic posted:
Excellent Advisor ! For N days I have N profit ! The author is very helpful .
I made 200 pips for couple of week.

where can i read more about it?
Andrey portfolio (Emagic)
Apr 10 2016 at 06:21
4 posts
This is not arbitrage, work on price action, i dont know why seller not answered, his skype forextechnic252
Apr 10 2016 at 06:25
105 posts
gdr88 posted:
This arbitrage EA

where did you get this answer?
Walter Lea (walteremslie)
Apr 20 2016 at 06:36
96 posts
Do not be fooled by these results.

This vendor has not verified that this is an fxOpen broker. He can be any scam broker like fxch, 1 pip forex or E Global etc... that's why he charges $500 for EA.

That's how he makes his money. Note how none of his systems the broker is verified.

Its because he is a fraud.


Apr 20 2016 at 08:08
198 posts
Unfortunately SCAM.
Walter Lea (walteremslie)
Apr 21 2016 at 06:18
96 posts
Yes he is a scam and will pop up again so be careful next time you see something too good to be true... it will be the same troll


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