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FOX BINARY SIGNALS (HIGH Signals) (By Fox Trading )

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FOX BINARY SIGNALS (HIGH Signals) Discussion

Fox Trading (foxbinarysignals)
Mar 09 2017 at 13:26
2 posts

Dear @mkowa,

1. Can you draw conclusions from a system that takes more than 100% profit in a year in just one week?

2. Different results? Here you are viewing a REAL GoMarkets account verified by myfxbook with +70% this year only. I think there is not much more to add...

3. To achieve this results/system/website/support team there is a huge job for more than a year, so please be careful before accusing people of scam!

4. As we indicate on the web, our reference prices are from GOMarkets, so we recommend using this broker for Autotrading. If you have different results with Binary may be due to many other things (since other users are getting profits...) such as having wrong time setting, big ping with broker server, different entry/exit prices...

5. Before defaming all over the places, it were as simple as sending us an email to try to help you start making money with our systems.

PD. Thanks for reconsidering your position. Maybe the post will be removed, but no problem. We're here to assist all users.

Fox Binary Signals

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