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Free-Community-Based-EA (By asia )

Gain : +48.58%
Drawdown 9.92%
Pips: 938.0
Trades 355
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

Free-Community-Based-EA Discussion

Oct 21 2009 at 14:07
7 posts
Hi Traders,

I have developed this EA and has been testing it for a while. It is still in the Final Beta stage. If you are interested in this EA, I can send you one and you can help me forward test using your parameters.

Demo Trading:
I can send you a Demo version. Please open a demo account in and send me your username and investor password.

Live Trading:
If you are interested in trading 'Live'. Do let me know. I will send you my IB link under The EA at this current moment is free but I will simply earn from the IB.

I am giving this offer provided you allow me monitor the process of the EA through your investor password and let me know the parameters you set.

Oct 22 2009 at 02:25
7 posts
Achieve another 1.11 % today...

Oct 23 2009 at 04:14
7 posts
Dear All,

Thanks for your interest.

There is an overwhelming reponse in getting the Demo EA. It will only be ready by the first week of Nov as I am asking my programmer to amend the EA.

Oct 23 2009 at 14:20
8 posts
I'd be glad to take a look at it when it gets ready. Thanks Asia.
Don't be a gambler.
Oct 23 2009 at 14:23
7 posts

I will take note of that!

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