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FRWC Fusion-V on Forex Place (By Tony Manso )

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FRWC Fusion-V on Forex Place Discussion

Tony Manso (amelabs)
Apr 19 2010 at 22:17
67 posts
I just made a deposit to bring my account up to 10k, and adjusted the EA parameters accordingly. I hope I got it right or I might be seeing some serious losses.
Apr 20 2010 at 02:08
16 posts
but Im tellling you, you should test it on a live version! demo is mostly profitable on the fusion, but live can look very different!
Tony Manso (amelabs)
Apr 20 2010 at 05:25
67 posts
I will. In the next few weeks I will be putting it on a $500 live account at Forex Place to see what happens. If it performs as good as it has been on demo then I will increase the deposit to maybe $5000. Remember, this thing was run on a live account for the contest. It's one of the reasons why I invested in it.

Apr 21 2010 at 04:58
59 posts
Most found this robot unprofitable. Advise not waste time on it. It's slowly killing off this account.
fxgym (cun111)
Jun 02 2010 at 06:19
82 posts

Dear Tony

I trade also at forex place. I want to share experiences with you if you wish ofcourse😄

See you
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