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FTMO challenger v1.3A [GBPUSD] (By Joshua J Kooij )

Gain : +0.49%
Drawdown 12.55%
Pips: 156.2
Trades 303
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Unknown

FTMO challenger v1.3A [GBPUSD] Discussion

Joshua J Kooij (JoshuaKooij)
Sep 28 at 18:43
2 posts
+ GBP High impact news not filtered , Max DD ~9% closing out of trades.

* EA Update: Added news filter (250min Before / 250min After) High impact news (GBP/USD pair)
* Signal update: Increased lotsize (less risk with noise filtered out by the news filter)

Joshua J Kooij (JoshuaKooij)
Oct 12 at 18:33
2 posts
Update incoming soon:
+ Update

* Stop trading during news/high volatility (+ close my trades before).
* Stop trading when Account Equity, Balance or Margin is low.
* Only trade on specific dates/times, e.g. the Asian session.
* Stop trading for the day when a certain profit/loss is reached (useful also for funding programs such as FTMO).
* Setup as a global (news) filter that handles all other EAs on your account.

Account is at 8% not updated yet by MyFXbook soon results will be shown. Existing DD (12%) is not relative ( The equity protection is always enabled with 950 EUR as max drawdown ) please check trades to see when all open trades closed ( totaled ~900 )

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