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FULL THROTTLE 10% (By Dirk Schaefer )

The user has deleted this system.

FULL THROTTLE 10% Discussion

Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 05 2013 at 06:12
321 posts
Gap EA did his job excellent again...
Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 06 2013 at 08:26
321 posts
Uuuuh, Black Friday for the System.....

So it looks like the FX EA is not bad to use with CFDs but the pipstep was
set to small. Ok, my fault.
What you see is that an system can run smooth and powerfull some time but
market will take your money one day if it is too risky...

Anyway, €50 left so I throwed the H,G&M EA off the chart and right now the
Gappy will do his work. Ya, €50 probably wont do it but this is a good test how
the EA can handle this. Starting with a 5th of recommended balance.
Again risky but worth to test it

have a nice weekend guys
Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Rustan mallari (tankbeta)
Apr 13 2013 at 21:12
171 posts
toinks harmonic down
Plan your trades and trade your plans.
Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 14 2013 at 06:34
321 posts
yes, first of all the FX system I used too was too risky for the Dax so this one
took his performance down.
Then when Cyprus came in I made an mistake by settting up USIndex and Oil,
far too much for the system.
So balance went down and I couldnt handle the DD anymore.
On Friday I had to hit the brake again because of too low balance for the Gap EA, he
will do fine because chart went again in favoured direction to close the gap next week...

so many mistakes and too low balance made this lookin bad....

right now I will trade some pairs for recovering hopefully...

if chart gies back to at least 250 I will start again
Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 14 2013 at 07:21
321 posts

I now have my pair and settings for trading back this small account and re-starting some day
this year...

sounds familiar? yes, when I remember back there were good times and really bad times. Good times of course
if system runs like hell givin a lot of gain and greed went up the hole brain, eyes......

til the day came everything started to go down the drain, and believe me I saw a lot of them because if you
just sit and wait it will take your money!!!

So what to do? Searching for an new Holy Grail of Course, testing, tweaking? (lol) and then let him run as soon as
fresh money arrived the new account.

So amother thing appears if you have enough experience: the right Broker
this is very important too. I wont scalp with InstaForex as I will do now with ActivTrades because at Insta I know
that the scalper wont do good because of higher spread and slippage. On the other hand Insta allows Cent Accounts
and for some Newbies this attracts to try it there but........

I tested the upcoming scalper with Insta and Activ and Activ did give me the trades, Insta not or bad ones.... thats it.

So let sit back and watch, setup is done waiting for Monday eve and an recovery.....
oh ya, I will run it of course using high 10% risk p. Trade...


Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 17 2013 at 14:49
321 posts
OK, this Account did see a lot last weeks so time to recover....

now scalping the EC with 10% p.Trade and tweakin my manual trading too within
here, let see what goes, today was very good :-)
Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 17 2013 at 14:56
321 posts
Nice EJ move today, right thru 50 fib retracement stickin now at the 61.8 and went
thru easily the 200EMA....
Yep, I went out of my Trades because over 20%, enough for me.


Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Apr 17 2013 at 19:32
321 posts
Beautifull Scalp, 1.89%..... 😎
Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
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