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FX VIP Club (By jerrylee )

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FX VIP Club Discussion

Sep 02 2014 at 14:57
13 posts
I have unfortunately signed up for the FX VIP Club.....I am now sitting on an 87% open drawdown. These guys are a bunch of losers and nothing more than a spread rebate scam. They are closing hundreds of tiny trades a week and soaking up a ton of juicy spread rebates from the broker.

SCAM....SCAM...SCAM....Just aweful

Sep 03 2014 at 07:23
6 posts
They are indeed.
I need to go after them and the broker for my money back.
I just need to figure out the best way to go after them.
Have you tried to go after them legally yet?

Sep 03 2014 at 12:08
13 posts
No I have not tired anything legally. I don't know of anything that can be done that will recover the losses. I have sent them very angry emails but that doesn't do anything. I just revoked the fx vip club and they told me that they were changing my account to a self directed account to which I responded with my thoughts as to how they do business and who they do business with. To them its all about the round turn spread rebate and they don't care about anything else. Here is more angry people...,3

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