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fxcm demo (By Zach )

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fxcm demo Discussion

Zach (Baseball112218)
Jun 19 2015 at 13:27
4 posts
Hi, I am 23 years old. I have five years of college under my belt with only an associate's degree to show for it... I changed my major multiple times not finding anything I liked from pharmacy to exercise science to some computer engineering to most recently business. I came across foreign exchange in the fall of 2014 and have loved it ever since. I started learning from some millionaires my age and believe I finally found something I enjoy and can make a lot of money in. My only setback right now is capital to work with. I'm currently saving money and searching for investors or some type of a loan to grow a live portfolio.

My small goal at this moment is to acquire $10,000. I would partition it: $6,000 to trade in a US broker (leaning towards either Oanda or FXCM), and put the remaining $4,000 in my credit union account ($1,000 of which would go into more education emphasized in day trading with the people I've already successfully learned swing trading from). The left over $3,000 would cover me for 7-10? monthly payments with interest, then a source of income from my job could kick in when needed. Tried to get my parents in on a signature loan but to no avail -- trying to test all my options at the moment!

I feel I have been ready for a while to finally get on my way in this market and blossom, but the capital is the hindrance. I realize I can keep saving then just deposit my own money to start but I'm months away from getting a big enough amount, which is why I'm going around asking the internet if it is interested. And I read a few days ago about possibly being a signal provider as well, I don't know.... any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm up for any questions.

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Zach (Baseball112218)
Jun 24 2015 at 00:54
4 posts
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