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FXCM Manual (By AuthenticTrader)

Gain : +419.18%
Drawdown 61.84%
Pips: 2001.3
Trades 141
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Manual

FXCM Manual Discussion

AuthenticTrader (AuthenticTrader)
Oct 11 2016 at 15:32
3 posts
Hello traders,

After several years of demo trading and trading small accounts with micro lots, I have begun to trade a larger account and lot sizes and put my trading results out there. I trade for a living now and many friends and family have asked how it is going. It is easy to say 'great' but now that have a way they can see for themselves. My trades are available to be copied currently on the MQL5 website - the signal is named named 'Simple Safe Profit'.

This is a manually traded system trading candle reversal signals following guidelines established by Steve Nison Candle Academy. Basic strategy that looks for candle reversals on the daily chart, occurring at swing high or swing low and near horizontal support and resistance. I use Bollinger Band tags of the upper and lower limit, and have just stared using Connors RSI2 for western technical confirmation. The Zig Zag indicator is used to add objectivity and clarity in determining highs and lows. So when there is confluence between all these factors, and there is good risk reward I take the trade. To summarize:

Candle reversal? yes
Near major support or resistance? yes
Tag of Bollinger Band by candle pattern? yes
Zig Zag confluence with above? Yes
Connors RSI in over bought/sold zone? yes


Trade size is limited to a maximum 2% of account size per trade, 4% total on open trades. Risk reward minimum 1:1. For exiting I like to follow Kathy Lien's ( Day trading and Swing Trading The Currency Markets ) to make sure a winner never turns into a loser. So I will normally close 1/2 the position when my 1st target has been reached. Targets are 1 ATR or closest swing high or swing low, or major S/r level. Occasionally I will close trades out before this if there is a big news event upcoming, or it is close to then weekend

I have a paid account on the Trading View website under the same AuthenticTrader name. There you can subscribe to me and be alerted whenever I post a new idea. As you can see, my ideas are posts about actual trades I take.

As you can see this is a US based account so no hedging, or high leverage allowed so if you are a US resident this may be of value to you.

Thank you for viewing and please go ahead and comment good, bad or indifferent on my trading strategy.

God's best,


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