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FxOpen-Demo US funds-Scalper (By bonzai)

Gain : +56.06%
Drawdown 65.87%
Pips: 3177.0
Trades 5039
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

FxOpen-Demo US funds-Scalper Discussion

Apr 16 2017 at 07:23
6 posts
Trading Journal for Demo Account using Scalping EA

Deposit date: Wednesday April 5th 2017
Amount: $5000 US funds

Week 1: (Wed April 5th-Friday April 7th)

Started late in the day on Wed
Total trades: 55
Total Profits: $193.43
%Gain: 3.87%/ week
Observations: Noticing that some trades are still closing in a lossed position, even though they went 3 or 4 trades deep...need to figure out why this is happening...something must be wrong with the configurations of the scalper

Week 2: (Sunday April 9th to Friday April 15th)

This Week: Weekly: +5.22% Profit: $271.14 Pips:-15.30 ( - ) Wins: 56% Trades: 69 Lots: 21.50
Observations: Still noticing that trades are closing as a basket as a loss; some trades only trade 1x and close at a loss

Saturday April 15th: Made changes to the EA: Removed Floating % to Zero 'on this chart only' and changed Lot Multiplier to 1.9 vs 1.7; Let's see how this trades now for the upcoming week

Apr 16 2017 at 07:24
6 posts
Week 2 : ERROR (forgot to re-connect in order to update the weekly results to Friday April 14th)

This Week +6.86% (+2.99%) Profits: $356.19 (+$162.76) Pips: -36.70 (-27.2) Wins: 55% (-1%) Trades: 96 (+41) Lots: 30.28 (+17.93)

Apr 18 2017 at 06:46
6 posts
Monday April 17th

The changes I made produced a rediculous amount of profits today around $350) which I think is i made some changes to be more conservative..

re: I added Trailing Mode ON...when I did that it closed a basket of trades for a loss of $56...

I then added Equity Trail Mode on....let's see how that works instead going forward.

Apr 19 2017 at 07:26
6 posts
Tuesday April 18th

Update from above: I mentionned that I removed the Peramaters of Trailing Mode to off (because it was closing trades before they were in profit)...but I turned on Equity Trail Mode: WHAT a SUCCESSFUL strategy!

I had USD/JPY go 6 trades deep into the scalping mode before reversing back up, so when it finally turned, it was locking in at first 2% in profits, then it went on to lock in 5.21% in I am definetely loving the Equity Trail Mode!

I did make some more adjustments to the paramaters this morning. I switched Virtual trades back to 2 (I had it at 3...but was not seeing any trades go through, so I switched it back to 2). I did however change the Next Pip to 10 instead of 8 (I am thinking 10 pips away will be more conservative then 9), and I also switched it to purchase on NEXT CANDLE...not during a candle...I figure this will also be more conservative.

All in all, very good EA with some tweaking. I am going to continue to experiment with different parameters for a while. I do want to try and break the EA while at the same time be as conservative as possible so that I protect profits.

Next tweak I will look to trade it on the 30 minute charts vs the 1 hour chart (looking for the differences), and I will also add a DO NOT Trade when DD is around 25% and see how that goes...stay tunned!

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