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FXRiseUP (By forexstore)

Gain : +197.36%
Drawdown 31.51%
Pips: 367.4
Trades 2097
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

FXRiseUP Discussion

Mar 31 at 06:56
5 Replies
Member Since Oct 11, 2011   3 posts
Apr 15 at 04:02
im looking at your trading ea and notice that on 17/6/22 you deposited $8,000 following which the traded lot sizes increased from apt .02 to bat .3-.4 lot

Is this due to a change of settings or is that dynamically calculated automatically?

What do you think is the ideal deposit size for your ea?

cheers Pete
Member Since Nov 29, 2020   11 posts
Apr 20 at 06:04
Hello, has anyone tried this system? Is looks promising.
Member Since Nov 29, 2020   11 posts
Apr 21 at 04:58
What mode/risk level is this running on?
Member Since Apr 14, 2023   4 posts
Apr 22 at 14:45
Operé atravez de mis emociones, de ahora en adelante operare según mí plan
No todo el dinero del mercado es tuyo
Member Since May 07, 2023   2 posts
May 10 at 12:51

Why are you using the same account from company AlgoLabFX (SAR TRADER ea)?
Member Since Nov 29, 2020   11 posts
May 23 at 05:27
Wow, Its the same gain..? What does that mean?
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