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FXtrademark manual (By Mark Jackson )

The user has deleted this system.

FXtrademark manual Discussion

Edward aka CgiGuy aka Zero (smoknfx)
Jan 18 2010 at 10:22
11 posts
the only pain that mark ever felt during this project was from sittin on his asz and doing no thing.

i am surprised that he aint got bed sores on his asz.

dream a dream, take steps, never look back, never quit.
Edward aka CgiGuy aka Zero (smoknfx)
Jan 18 2010 at 14:47
11 posts

fxtrademark posted:
    It's the result of a decade of pain.

yeah, a decade.

actually, not quite a decade. i started coding this project somewhere around 2002 and i never stopped and i never looked back.

mark was the most ungrateful person to code for.

he straight up jacked me.

then it turned out that he was stealing heater devices from which is now called and he was selling them on the black market to other companies in that business. i had no idea at the time what he was doing. if i had known, i would not have dealt with him.

i cant tell you how so very hard i worked on this project.

when he was spending holidays with his family, i worked staring at these numbers looking for a solution.
when he was out with his girlfriend, i studied these numbers.

i actually found several solutions.

i remember telling him that i had trust issues. so he runs into his closet and opens up his safe and pulls out approx 130k in cash and then he asks me if that resolves my trust issues. truth is that i had never held that much cash in my hands, it sorta made me lose my train of thought. but my trust issues were about my fear that if i did the work, would he throw me to the curb in the end.

well, look at what he did.

he did everything that he could to derail me.

i originally worked for him at and he was an absolute peach to work for so i thought that he would be good to work for on this project.

but no.

he was so eager to derail me in the end that i finally just told him to buy me out.

i cant tell you that he intentionally got rid of me after i did the do.

he gave me 10k and threw me to the curb.

but let me tell you something, i in no way did all of those years work to get compensated with 10k.

absolutely not.

10k is a good days compensation as a trader.

not several years of compensation.

my new code absolutely **smokes** what he has.

i am a coder.

i am an old school coder.

i am a coder that doesnt know when good enough is enough.

i insist on perfection.

and if that seems harsh, so be it, but look at his equity curve.

he did not have this before he met me.


this is not your project mark.

it is my project.

you are an embarassment to silicon valley.

dream a dream, take steps, never look back, never quit.
Edward aka CgiGuy aka Zero (smoknfx)
Jan 18 2010 at 14:50
11 posts
anybody care to venture a guess as to where the 130k came from?

it turns out it came from the heaters that he was stealing from applied.

bravo, mister j.

dream a dream, take steps, never look back, never quit.
Edward aka CgiGuy aka Zero (smoknfx)
Jan 18 2010 at 14:59
11 posts
i used to tell him that my goal was to produce the absolute very best code with which to trade the fx.

and i told him that i was going to put him at the helm of this world's richest trading firm.

and wtf do i get for all of my work?

he comes in here and claims that he had 10 years of pain.

no he did not.

he sat on his behind and smoked weed and drank wine and did not a thing.

i remember once i told him that what i needed from him was that i needed him to come downstairs maybe one a week or maybe once every two weeks and we go down and clear off the kitchen table and he and i review my progress. he refused. he said that we could just do it sitting in his easy chair. the guy always wanted the easy way out.

do his charts look like i was ready to take the easy way out?

i think not, girlfriends.

i am nothing short of a coding warrior.

when i go into the trench, i dont come up until i have the prize in my hands.

no matter what.

and what is my reward?

nada. zip. squat.

i told him in the beginning that i was only doing this project to impress the guys over at the office.

i wanted em to know that i was on kickin asz coder.

do you think that i am a kickin asz coder?


i told him that i wanted to produce this system and then i wanted to move onto my next project.

my plans were that my next project was to be massively complex.

preferably, i wanted to study cells, as in biology.


doesnt that just sound wonderful?

i think it just sounds peachy.

and i was gonna turn the whole darned thing over to him anyways.

i dont like trading. i like crunching numbers.

but now how do i move onto my next project?

you left me with no reference, you dingdong.

again, smooth move exlax.

dream a dream, take steps, never look back, never quit.
Edward aka CgiGuy aka Zero (smoknfx)
Jan 18 2010 at 21:24
11 posts
fromzero <>
toMyfxbook <>

dateMon, Jan 18, 2010 at 1:21 PM
subjectRe: Subscribed Topic Notification

hide details 1:21 PM (15 hours ago)



regarding your request that i show my system, i believe that mark is
showing my system.

this guy just simply straight out pulled a fast move and stole out
from under me my work that is the result of several years of my career
and my life..

he understood from the beginning that our agreement was that he would
not run this system except in association with me. he also
specifically agreed that he would not show my code to any other
programmers. he was the initiator of the agreement, it was not
something that i pushed onto him. he came to me and made the proposal.
so off to work i went.

he agreed that if i would do the coding work that he would bring the
money to trade and the profits would be split 5050 between us.

this is not just another programming project to me, this was my love
and my life.

this project was everything to me.i sacrificed everything and anything
to complete this project.

he is well aware of this.

i slaved over this project, even thru holidays/etc when he was nowhere
to be found.

he did contribute financially to the development cost, but then it
turned out that he had acquired those funds by stealing fairly
valuable heater components from the company that he and i had worked
at, the company that i was trying to impress by doing this project. he
was aware of my reasons for doing this project. regarding my
statements that he was stealing components from, this information came to me directly from the
then ceo of said company( the ceo(shariar) told me
that he was aware of mark's financial situation and he stated that
mark had been caught stealing and selling these heater components and
he also said that mark had no other way that he could have possibly
acquired 130k in cash.

it is such an underhanded thing that he has done, and it wasnt even my
intent to be a trader, i dont even really enjoy trading. i enjoy
technical things. he understood that my intent was to do the coding
and that i would then expect to step back and receive my share of the
profits. so, not only did he rob me of my ability to move forward and
use this work as a reference, he has also cheated me out of god only
knows how much future profits.

and, fwiw, i have not stopped my development work and it has
progressed dramatically beyond that which he has.

i most sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you
and your company, but i must pursue these issues.


edward johnson

dream a dream, take steps, never look back, never quit.
Jan 19 2010 at 09:08
92 posts
Edward, this sounds like an excellent script for a movie which will probably make you more money with less effort than trading forex. 😄

Would like to see the new system you've developed if possible - just plug it in here.

Good luck!

Patience is a virtue.
Edward aka CgiGuy aka Zero (smoknfx)
May 01 2010 at 21:41
11 posts
i have been working on this project 4 almost ten years and just quite perhaps i am finished with the development end of things.

if i am finished, then i will be looking 4 two gentlemen or ladies 2 assist me in the day 2 day operations.

this is most definitely a grid.

my work is based on two physics theories.



trading period:

04/22 @ 21:15hrs
04/30 @ 01:33hrs

7 days, 4 hrs, 18 minutes total calendar trading time.

gain: 170%

all trades closed.

contact: smoknfx at gmail dot com

dream a dream, take steps, never look back, never quit.
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
May 05 2010 at 22:09
879 posts
whats up? Account belly up? Hard times for the average grid and marty...😎

Apr 13 2011 at 06:12
1367 posts
and i am still at it.

i have been working on a math problem.

it will be awesome when i finish.


Total Recall (TotalRecall)
Apr 14 2011 at 07:41
28 posts
hey zero

but if it was that good you can just replicate it, can't you

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