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GDMFX-Demo-US funds-Scalper EA (By bonzai)

Gain : -99.41%
Drawdown 34.46%
Pips: -16489.2
Trades 9474
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

GDMFX-Demo-US funds-Scalper EA Discussion

Apr 16 2017 at 07:25
6 posts
Trading Journal

Saturday April 15th

I have been playing around with the Automated Scalper since the end of Feb 2017. I started off with a $5000 US funds Demo account at GDMFX. I was doing well for a couple of weeks, but then I decided to add a few more pairs to see how far I could push the limits to the EA.

Well, that same week, I saw the EUR/USD have SEVERAL TRENDING DAYS...(opposite to my open orders) and by Friday afternoon, when spreads were high, and another spike in the trend (again, against my open trades), the Demo account closed my trades when it hit 50% drawdown.

I asked GDMFX to increase my Demo account balance so that it was sitting at $10k US. They obliged and I have been testing it with this balance since then.

It has been performing well with this balance size. This week did see a sizeable drawdown on the account, around $3500 on a balance of $11k. However the trend reversed and I closed out the trades in profit.

Re: I am trying to 'Break' the EA as I want to see the full capabilities of the EA over a long period of time. I do believe this is a Good EA as it has very good DAILY profits...however I want to test it out in VERY BAD conditions to see how far down it can go...which means I need to know what kind of Balance I truly need on this account to run this EA in order to always stay afloat and in profit, which means I need to be able to ride out the trending days when it is going against my trades. Stay tuned!

Apr 16 2017 at 07:26
6 posts
Sunday April 9th to Friday April 15th (Good Friday)

This Week +8.12% (+1.03%) Profit: $872.52 (+$112.13)Pips: 2017.70 (-3399.5) Wins: 68% (-3%) Trades:839 (-168) Lots: 28.82 (+3.19):

Observations: Significant Drawdown this week around: $3500 however trend reversed and pair closed in profit, balance was around $11k at the time, about %38 drawdown. It would have been interesting to see how it would have done if trend continued opposite my went to about .68 lots in the last trade....I am still trying to break this EA (I want to see worse case scenerios)

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