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Ghost Recon (By CashRicky)

Gain : +297.73%
Drawdown 55.86%
Pips: -33634.0
Trades 4078
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Ghost Recon Discussion

CashRicky (CashRicky)
May 22 at 08:31
3 posts
I am looking for investor if you think my EA is worthwhile in investing let me know, The trading system is fully automated. I can share the investor password for those who are interested

CashRicky (CashRicky)
Jun 12 at 15:12
3 posts
I am targeting a solid 300% overall profit gain by end of 2021. The system is a bit of on a moderate risk but starting from now onwards the drawdown should be able to stay static if not reduce.

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