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GROWEX Moderate (By mforce )

The user has deleted this system.

GROWEX Moderate Discussion

Jan 13 2021 at 16:49
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Hi, hope you well. If I am not wrong you are using the half grid strategy. Could you please provide me the settings you are using or you made changes. I want to go live but my demo results are good but the high DD is scary with the default settings. Happy trading!
Jan 14 2021 at 17:08
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So something you need to understand is that this is a copy account that copies the trades on my main account but with lower ratio which makes the risk lower. It's a also a new account, so the DD & profit values haven't not yet 'settled' in their real level yet.

The DD on the account should normally be around 8.8% (overall max. ever 14%)
The profit should be 4-8%

My system is working in the default setting of Half-Grid strategy that comes together at least with the version 4.66 of Flex EA. So you do need to buy the EA first. When you install the EA on the chart and go to its input settings, you'll be able to choose from several different default strategies on a dropdown menu - and the strategy, 'Half-Grid', will be one of those in the menu. Beside that choice, I haven't changed a single thing in the settings. I'm running it on H4 timeframe.

Those settings are also in the attached screenshot - it's taken straight from Flex EA's online user guide. It's good to remember that even if you have the exact same settings I do, your entry points won't be the same - that's how Flex EA works - however, if you also follow the broker I use as well, I assume the performance should be very close or the same. For me it's key you don't use a risk setting higher than 0.2, for me it's the absolute maximum, and I'm actually using a lower risk on another account - a lot of people burn their accounts / good chunk of their money because of being too greedy and setting the risk high.

My understanding is that the broker you run it at matters to the success (however, I haven't tried it with different brokers so can't really give my personal perspective on it) - in my case FXOpen ECN account has worked super well, that environment works for the EA and the strategy very well, and the EA's entries and exits work always amazingly accurately & efficiently.

Additionally, I'm using one of the VPS services Steve, the father of Flex EA is recommending, the Hostwinds. I don't know if that affects the environment the EA does trading (it should mainly affect the latency, and so the impact should be minimal), but there's that as well.

Make sure you are also using it in the currency pairs Steve, the creator of Flex EA recommends as a default for all of Flex EA strategies (10 different pairs) in his online guide.

Remember, when it comes to Flex, my experience is that even if you use the exact same settings and the broker for example, the results are not equal, but the entries should be close.

Also I think it's good for you to know that the EA is managing the entries & TPs for me, but the long-term success of my system in my opinion comes from combining the manual supervision and the strategy I've made trough knowing the EA's strategy inside out - a strategy for managing the overall and fundamental risk (I am using my own fundamental and technical analysis actively supporting the strategy) and clear rules for manual intervention. So in many ways, I've made the strategy my own as well.

If you wanted to arrive to results that are as close to mine with this Adcuratio Medium account, you could test the EA on a demo and set set the risk / MM setting to something like 0.08 (I have never tested this setting thoroughly so I'm guessing and you should test it and find the exact setting to get lower allocation / risk). However, to really run an account with lower risk (so the EA can actually adjust your risk low enough), I'd say you need at least a 2,5K account in USD.

Hope this helps!


Jan 22 2021 at 11:22
17 posts
In my whole trading career, I have learnt only one thing that there is no particular strategy that works for all traders. You have to find a strategy for yourself on your own.
Jan 22 2021 at 11:41
24 posts
chogdye posted:
In my whole trading career, I have learnt only one thing that there is no particular strategy that works for all traders. You have to find a strategy for yourself on your own.

That's absolutely right in my experience and opinion as well. I'm lucky to have first found something that had a great potential for becoming the strategy / system that works for my mentality - and secondly because I was able to 'make it my own' by doing adjustments to it.
Feb 08 2021 at 10:41
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Good system and you can always add and experiment with different strategies for a better outcome. Good luck.
Mar 05 2021 at 11:44
32 posts
You have a nice system, do you mind providing some information about it here? Thanks.
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