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HAMSTER TURBO (By eleanna74 )

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Jan 09 2019 at 08:16
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eleanna74 (eleanna74)
Jan 09 2019 at 08:18
589 posts
Dear HAMSTER TURBO subscribers, I am monitoring our current situation and I believe that we will be back at break even or profit soon. So far we had a maximum of 35% drawdown in the 1/4 or 1/2 of our signal capital, so you are encountering a 9% to 18% temporary drawdown in your total capital and I don't think that this is a cause for panic. I want you to know that my system and filters protected us from opening a 2nd position, so we have a 120 pips tolerance and not 60 pips, if we had opened 2 buy positions.

I hear that some subscribers have 2 open positions instead of one and this is due to a 'mistake' they have made (even though I've warned many times in my instructions against it) by ticking the: Enable realtime signal subscription, in Signals settings, causing the opening of my position twice, since they are copying my signal 2 times, one on their VPS and one locally in their computer. Please use my synchronization guide to correct this situation:

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Jan 09 2019 at 08:27
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Hi Elina

If i subscribe can I control the lot size or is that automatically controlled by the signal and the size of my account?

eleanna74 (eleanna74)
Jan 09 2019 at 11:11
589 posts
If you subscribe through SignalStart you can control the lot size, both upwards and downwards.

If you do through MQL5 you can only control it downwards.

Jan 10 2019 at 07:38
5 posts
1.14 position closed with - 6.95€... Really Happy with that. We have the whole month to recover.
Thanks Eleni!

Jan 10 2019 at 07:38
9 posts
why position closed in very good candle ?

eleanna74 (eleanna74)
Jan 10 2019 at 08:05
589 posts
Dear HAMSTER TURBO subscribers, our open position closed almost at break even. The reaction of EURUSD this last few minutes over 1.15, was what I was expecting yesterday, but I wouldn't risk for a second time not to close our trade in order to make some profit. We will have plenty of time to make good profits in 2019. I want to thank you all for your great patience and support during this waiting 'game' and I would really appreciate your positive reviews for HAMSTER TURBO, if you think that I am doing a good job making profits and protecting your hard earned money at the same time. I also would like to ask from all those subscribers who left negative reviews in the past 2 days to reconsider and maybe modify those if they feel that they were too severe.

Thank you very much for your patience and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

eleanna74 (eleanna74)
Jan 10 2019 at 11:37
589 posts
Its easy to say that you've seen the completed move. EURUSD had touched 1.14790 this same morning and instantly collapsed 50 pips, so I had to protect our capital. Safety is always first for me.

Jan 10 2019 at 12:42
6 posts
eleanna74 posted:
 Safety is always first for me.


Jan 10 2019 at 14:29
156 posts
you are doing an excellent job,don't mind about the litle greedy inexperienced ones

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