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IBFX Live (By Rolf Widmer )

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IBFX Live Discussion

Rolf Widmer (rolfwidmer)
Dec 12 2009 at 08:55
36 posts
for those watching at this system: i had to close parts of my positions to prevent an early margin call. this is the classical issue with martingales like ILAN. now I am definitely in a situation where prices go persistently to the wrong direction and retracements are not big enough. if trends will persist like this my account will be closed (manually or forecfully) next week. as the next big support is somewhere at 1.4500, I will not have enough equity for this move.
san4x (san4x)
Dec 12 2009 at 09:12
86 posts
Yeah, bummer Rolf. Especially after such a nice run you've had. We'll see.

The trick here is to turn off Ilan before big news comes out that could have big impact on EUR or USD.

I turned it off an hour before news yesterday, expecting a big move (fundamentals!). Will turn Ilan on again when things have settled down a bit.
Rolf Widmer (rolfwidmer)
Dec 12 2009 at 10:22
36 posts
the main problem is that you often are already in a position when news come out, so you should turn if off 3 days before and as he have news with potential big impact almost every week (maybe not as NFP, but like CPI, home sales etc etc) you are out of the market 30-50%.

My experience is that eurchf is much more suited to that style of trading; i trade it on my other accounts, slow but steady growth.
san4x (san4x)
Dec 14 2009 at 17:43
86 posts
True Rolf, but as you know, there are lots of times when the EA is flat. In my case, this was a few hours before the news on friday.

Alternatively...the cost of closing a few small trades far outweigh the risk of potential larger losses (or even blow the account) when news hits and EURUSD goes against you.

Just my opinion and style of trading.
Dec 15 2009 at 06:29
7 posts
Hi Rolf, it's strange I tried run on the EA on the same pairs, broker (demo) and TF, but the trade (OP) is much lesser than yours. How did you carry out the optimization?
Rolf Widmer (rolfwidmer)
Dec 15 2009 at 06:40
36 posts
you find the settings above in this thread
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