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Invesard GBPUSD (Tickmill) (By geektrader )

The user has deleted this system.

Invesard GBPUSD (Tickmill) Discussion

Jun 04 at 10:57
2 posts

This signal has stopped being updated. Why? My friend - Longsen Chen - uses this strategy and his account has suffered consecutive losses since you last updated the signal. What is going on?

Thank you,

Jun 04 at 11:44
153 posts
Hello Joe,

thanks for pointing this out, I will fix it. It´s called drawdown and is absolutely normal. Remember that this is for the long term and can have drawdown phases of over half a year (as can be seen in the backtests). If your friend is concerned about this, he trades too high risk. The minimum holding time should be at least 1 year, as every year has been profitable so far.

Thank you,


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